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Big Packages come in small surprises
Title: Big packages come in small surprises.
Author: xxrandomxbrixx
Paring: Travis/Drew
POV: third
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Travis is a single parent, and is just trying to make it, when someone just walks right into Travis’ life, and shakes things up a bit.
Disclaimer: not true. A lie. Never happened.
A/N: not sure where this idea came from, but I’m going with it. Love it or hate it. A special thanks to my lovely beta xrevengeance love you baby!
dedicated to my lovely juliet [Unknown LJ tag] love you girlie!

Travis rolled over in bed, pulling the pillow over his head, as his five o’clock a.m. alarm went off. Still hearing the obnoxious alarm through the pillow, he ran his hand over the clock, feeling for the off button. Hitting the off button, he sighed, wishing for just a few more minutes of sleep. Travis slung his legs over the side of the bed, running his fingers through his hair and rubbing at his eyes. Travis drug himself out of bed, and into the bathroom, turning on the shower. Travis has a love-hate relationship with his mornings. He loves them because they are quite, and he can have his two hours to himself in the shower, and do whatever he wants; but he hates them because he has to get up so early to enjoy some time to himself.
Travis smiled to himself, feeling very relaxed, and ready to start his Thursday. Travis gets up from the kitchen table, and walks down the hall, into the smaller of the two bedrooms, smiling at his sleeping son. Travis sat on the edge of the bed, gently rubbing Kendal’s back.
“Good morning sunshine,” Travis spoke softly, watching Kendal wake from his sleep.
“Daddy,” Kendal mumbled softly.
“C’mon, it’s time to get up,” Travis said, slowly pulling the covers off the drowsy child.
Travis picks up his son, and Kendall wraps his tiny arms around Travis’ neck. Travis takes Kendal into the kitchen for breakfast. He sits Kendal in the chair, with his booster seat.
“What do you want for breakfast, little man?”
“Scrambled eggs!”
Travis laughs slightly, “Scrambled eggs it is,” He says opening the refrigerator, and retrieving two eggs.
Travis pulls out a pan from under the stove, setting it on the stovetop, and turning on the stove.
“Daddy, daddy, daddy!” Kendal called from the table.
Travis pulled a bowl down from the cupboard, turning to his son, “Yes?”
“I had a dream last night, and there were dinosaurs!”
Travis gasped, taking a fork from the drawer, “Dinosaurs?”
“Yeah, they were huge, and had long tails, and feelers,” Kendal explained.
Travis looked at Kendal, in shock, “Feelers?”
“Yeah,” Kendal said slightly serious.
“No way,” Travis said, cracking two eggs into the bowl, and stirring them with the fork.
“It’s true! They came and ate all the flowers.”
“Not the flowers,” Travis said dramatically.
“They did, they ate them all,” Kendall said.

After breakfast, Travis took Kendal into the bathroom, to brush his teeth. Travis took the small toothbrush, squeezing a little toothpaste on the brush.
“Brush,” Travis said, handing the toothbrush to Kendal.
A few moments later the phone rang, “When I come back, those teeth better be brushed,” Travis said, before going to answer the phone.
“Hello?” Travis answered.
“Oh, hey Danny,” Travis said, “what’s up?”
“I was wondering what’s up with you,” Danny said.
“What do you mean?”
“Nothing, just what’s up?”
“Nothing, just getting Kendal ready for school, so I can go to work,” Travis said, running his fingers through his hair.
“Hey, why don’t you let me keep Kendal for the day, and why don’t you take a day off,” Danny said, “You’ve been working nonstop for three months.”
“Yeah, working to keep the bills paid on time,” Travis said, “This place doesn’t pay for itself, you know.”
“I’m aware.”
“Working to keep food on the table, working to keep Kendal in school,” Travis said, “And working so that he can have things normal three year old boys have.”
“Travis I understand, but you’re stressing,” Danny said, “You’re completely in over your head, you don’t even like that job.”
“It doesn’t matter if I like it or not, I need it,” Travis said, “And besides, it will eventually get me to where I want to be.”
“You work at a bank,” Danny said, “how is that ever going to get you to be that world famous photographer you’ve only been talking about since eleventh grade?”
Travis sighed, “It’s not, but it’s the only thing with the right hours right now, and you know that I can’t afford to go back to school, and there is no way in hell I’d be able to afford a camera.”
“Um hello?!”
“Shut up,” Travis rolled his eyes, “You know I’d never ask you for money.”
“You should,” Danny said flatly.
“No way. Absolutely not, Danny I couldn’t.”
“You could.”
“No, I’m not going to take any money from you,” Travis said sternly.
Danny rolled his eyes, “you’re making so much more of this than it is,” Danny said.
“I’m done talking about it Danny.”
“Alright,” Danny said dropping it, “just bring Kendal over today and take the day off, that’s all I want from you.”
Travis sighed.
“And maybe for you to get laid,” Danny said.
Travis laughed, “Um. No.”
“Oh come on, you can’t honestly tell me you’re loving your sex life.”
Travis gasped slightly, “Danny, there is a three-year old in this house,” Travis said.
“I’ll see you in twenty minutes. Goodbye.” Travis said before hanging up.

“Kendal, did you finish brushing your teeth?” Travis asked, walking back down the hall, peering into the bathroom, where he left his young son, but he saw no one.
“Kendal?” Travis called softly, going into Kendal’s room.
“Daddy, I dressed myself,” Kendal announced.
Travis smiled, laughing when he saw Kendal with his shirt on backwards, and shoes on the wrong feet, “Kendal, you did such a good job getting dressed this morning,” Travis said picking up the three year old, and setting down on the bed with him, “But you’re shirt is on backwards,” Travis said pulling off the shirt, turning it around and slipping it back on Kendal, before removing both of his shoes.
After getting Kendal dressed, Travis allowed him to watch a few minutes of TV, while he fixed a snack for Kendal to take with him. Travis made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and put some animal crackers in a small plastic bag.
“Kendal, are you ready?” Travis asked, packing the sandwich, away into Kendal’s plastic Scooby-doo lunch box.
“Yeah,” Kendal said.
“Okay, go get your backpack,” Travis said, putting the animal crackers into the lunch box next to the sandwich. He turned to the refrigerator, taking out a small juice box, and an orange, putting the juice box next to the animal crackers, and the orange sitting right above the juice box, just how Kendal liked it. Kendal wandered into the kitchen, standing behind Travis.
“Got your backpack?” Travis asked, closing the lunchbox.
“Alright,” Travis said, handing Kendal his lunchbox, “Let me get my keys, really fast, and we’re out the door.”
Kendal stands by the door, while Travis went into his bedroom, to find his keys. Travis came out of the bedroom, keys in hand, opening the door, letting Kendal out first, closing the door behind him, and locking it. Kendal took his hand as they walked out into the parking lot.
“So I’m going to take you to Uncle Danny’s today,” Travis said unlocking the car.
“Uncle Danny’s!” Kendal was more than excited.
Travis opened the car door, letting Kendal climb in, “Yeah, Uncle Danny’s.”
“He has an octopus,” Kendal said, as Travis buckled the car seat.
Travis laughed, “I don’t know about an octopus, but I know he has a turtle.”
“A turtle!”
“You’ve seen the turtle before,” Travis said.
“Yeah, it’s an octopus.”
Travis looked at Kendal for a second, wondering what exactly Danny has been teaching him, “Alright kiddo, whatever you say.”

Travis held Kendal’s hand as they walked up the stars to Danny’s condominium. Travis rang the doorbell, waiting a few moments, before Danny came to the door.
“Hey,” Danny smiled.
“Uncle Danny!” Kendal said excitedly.
“Hey there kiddo, come on in,” Danny said, ruffling his fingers through Kendal’s hair.
Kendal went inside, sitting right in front of the TV.
Travis looked at Danny, “Please, don’t let him watch eight hours of TV.”
“I was only going for seven,” Danny said nonchalantly.
Travis rolled his eyes, “Right.”
“What are you doing today?” Danny asked.
“I don’t know,” Travis said, “I guess hang out at home, maybe nap. Oh a nap!”
Danny stared at Travis, “Are you crazy. Are you insane? A nap? A fu-”
“Sorry,” he apologized, “but you’re not serious about the nap thing right?”
“You try taking care of a three year old every day. You don’t pass up a nap.”
“Oh my god, why don’t you do something fun,” Danny suggested.
“Fun like what?”
“You should go on a date,” Danny smiled.
Travis laughed, “Wow, I don’t even think I know how to date anymore.”
“That’s awful, I never want to hear you say that again,” Danny said, “This is exactly why you need to go on a date.”
“To go on a date, I’d need a guy, and since I don’t have one, it seems like a date is out of the question,” Travis said.
“No,” Danny said, “That’s what you’re going to do today, find a date.”
“Oh, Date, is that what you’ve been saying this whole time, I thought you’ve been saying gate. I’ve got a date.”
“With whom might I ask?” Danny asked.
“My bed,” Travis said.
“Ugh, Travis,” Danny groaned, “No fun at all.”
“Whatever,” Travis said, “Bye Kendal,” Travis called.
“Bye daddy,” Kendal said waving.
“I’ll see you later,” Travis said to Danny.

Travis had not realized how late it was when he got to Danny’s place, he’d gotten side tracked by some stupid reality show on TV.
“Hey, Travis,” Danny smiled, opening the door, inviting Travis in.
“Hey, sorry, it’s so late, I got side tracked,” Travis said.
“It’s fine, don’t even worry about it,” Danny said, “I love having Kendal over, you know that.”
“Thanks so much,” Travis said, “You were right, today was exactly what I needed.”
“I know,” Danny smiles to himself.
“Don’t be so full of yourself.”
Danny laughs.
“Where is Kendal?” Travis asked.
“He fell asleep, like ten minutes ago,” Da
“Hey, sorry, it’s so late, I nny said nonchalantly.
Travis sighed, “Alright, I’ll go get him.”
“Hey wait,” Danny said.
“Why don’t you let Kendal sleep here tonight,” Danny suggested.
“Danny, I can’t do that to you,” Travis said, “You’ve had him all day.”
“You have him all day, every day,” Danny said, “C’mon, he’ll sleep here tonight, and I’ll bring him to school in the morning. You can pick him up after.”
“Danny, stop playing around,” Travis said.
“I’m completely serious,” Danny said, “its fine with me, I want to, you go out and have fun tonight.”
Travis gave Danny a look, “I just want my son.”
“Come see him, he’s so cute sleeping,” Danny said, going down the hallway.
Travis followed Danny, peering inside the room where Kendal lay asleep on the bed.
Travis smiled, Kendal did look adorable.
“See we can’t wake him. He’ll stay here tonight, I’ll bring him to school, you pick him up,” Danny said.
“Don’t you ‘Danny’ me. You go have fun tonight.”
“And what do you suggest I do tonight?” Travis asked, crossing his arms over his chest.
“One second,” Danny said, before disappearing into his bedroom.
Travis stood there confused, and slightly annoyed.
“Here,” Danny said, holding out a box of condoms.
“Go, have fun,” Danny said.
“Danny,” Travis said, giving him a ‘you can’t be serious’ look.
“Yeah, bye, get out of my house,” Danny said pushing Travis out of the house.
“Go have fun,” Danny said, tossing the box to Travis, who almost didn’t catch it, before closing the door.
Travis stood there in shock for a moment, before walking back to his car.

*~later that night~*
Travis sits on the couch, watching TV, but he kept thinking about how Danny said he needed a date, he couldn’t help but think, what’s one date? It’s not like it could hurt. And maybe, it is time Travis started another relationship. Maybe a relationship is a bit out there, he does have to take care of Kendal, and he can’t have a boyfriend getting in the way of that, so for now one date will be enough for Travis.
Travis drags himself into his room, to get ready to go out, the entire time thinking ‘this could end badly’. After being a complete Diva, and taking almost two hours to get ready, Travis concluded that he was ready to leave the house, and although he’d never admit it out loud, he looked hot, with his way too tight skinny jeans, form-fitting black tee, and a colorful pair of converse to set off the entire outfit, and flash a bit of his personality; His hair, was messy, but tame. Travis smirked slightly seeing his reflection in the mirror.

Travis sat at the bar, drinking a beer, when a tall Brunet guy sat down at the bar next to him. He glanced over at Travis, and then ordered another round of drinks for the both of them.
Travis looked at him, smiling slightly, “Thanks.”
Travis and the other guy sat drinking their beers, exchanging glances every so often.
“Got a name?”
Travis smirked, “Yeah, I do.”
The other boy smirked, showing his approval of sarcasm, “I’m Drew.”
Travis looked at him again, smiling, “Travis.”
“Well, Travis, how about you and I get out there, and move a little something,” Drew said casually.
“Sorry, I don’t dance,” Travis replied.
“Are you rejecting me?” Drew asked with a hint of playfulness in his voice
Travis smirked, “Or I just can’t dance.”
“Ah, so the truth comes out,” Drew says.
“Is there a problem with the truth?”
“No, I like the truth,” He says, “I like it a lot.”

Travis pushes open the door of his empty apartment, stumbling inside, followed by Drew, who’s slightly less inebriated. He closes the door, pushing Drew back against the Door, pressing his lips to Drew’s. Drew slips his tongue past Travis’ lips, slipping his thigh in between Travis’ legs. Travis humped at Drew’s leg while they kissed; Drew tangled his fingers in Travis’ hair, deepening the kiss. Travis broke the kiss, breathing fast; he pulls himself away from Drew, taking Drew’s hand, leading him down the small hallway, into the bedroom. Travis closes the door behind him, pushing Drew onto the bed, straddling his hips. Drew smirked, staring up at Travis. Travis reached over the side of the bed pulling open the nightstand drawer, “Take your pick,” Travis says breathily.
Drew looks over at the drawer, “Naughty drawer,” he smirks.
“I don’t know, I think the naughty drawer, can be very nice.”
Travis lay naked, under Drew’s naked body, while Drew was currently giving Travis a hickey. Travis ran his fingers down Drew’s back, rubbing his hands on Drew’s ass. Travis moaned softly, as Drew sunk his teeth into the skin at the base of Travis’ neck. Drew took Travis’ arms and pinned them above his head, Travis had never been more turned on in his entire life, being tied up, was one of his favorite fantasies. Travis couldn’t help but moan. He arched his back, bringing his body closer to Drew’s. Drew trailed his fingers over Travis’ thighs, tracing circles on Travis’ skin. Travis dug his fingernails into Drew’s back.

Drew looked at Travis, “Let’s try something,” Drew said, picking up pair of handcuffs from the edge of the bed.
Travis smirked, as Drew handcuffed his left wrist to the bed.
“Spread your legs,” Drew said huskily, handcuffing Travis’ right wrist to the bed.
Travis did as he was told, watching Drew hover over his hips, Travis moaned as Drew pressed kisses to his hip. Drew took Travis’ cock in his hand, stroking slowly, Travis squirming beneath him; Drew wrapped his tongue around Travis’ cock, sucking on the head. Travis moaned rather loudly, he was rather embarrassed by how much of a whore he was being. Drew bobbed his head lower, taking more of Travis’ cock in his mouth, making Travis moan.

Drew placed his lips to Travis’ hip, sucking hard enough, to leave a deep purple hickey. Travis was flushed, he couldn’t remember the last time he did this, he looked at Drew with desire in his eyes, he snarled at Drew.
“Do you bite?” Drew asked playfully.
“Yes,” Travis said watching Drew trail his fingers over his own body.
“I don’t believe you,” Drew said straddling Travis’ hips, “You wouldn’t bite me.” Drew says before kissing Travis.
Travis kisses back, letting Drew’s tongue have access; Drew let his tongue explore Travis’ mouth.
Drew pulled back slightly shocked, “Ow.”
“Be careful,” Travis said, “I bite.”
Drew stared for a second, “That is so hot, do it again,” He said before kissing Travis.
Travis took Drew’s lower lip in between his teeth, biting hard enough to leave a mark. Drew ran his fingers over Travis’ nipple, Travis moaned, releasing Drew’s lip from his teeth. Drew pressed his lips to Travis’ kissing him quickly.
Travis’ hips lifted slightly, Drew pulled back, sitting on his heels, smirking, and Travis bit his lip whimpering a bit.
“Condom?” Drew asked.
“In the Drawer,” Travis answered.
Drew moved off the bed, shuffling through the contents of the drawer, he turned toward Travis smirking.
“What?” Travis asked.
“I didn’t find any condoms, but I found something just as fun,” Drew said, holding up a purple vibrator.
Travis blushed, “Just as fun, possibly more.”
“Let’s try it out,” Drew said, “lube?”
“Bathroom, first drawer on the left.”
Drew dropped the vibrator on the bed, walking into the bathroom, to retrieve a bottle of lube. Drew returned seconds later, bottle of lube and condoms in hand, dropping them on the bed, and crawling over to Travis, kissing him on the lips. Travis glares as Drew pulls away. Drew picks up the bottle of lube, rubbing it between his fingers. He looked at his fingers, with a questioning look.
“What?” Travis asked.
“It’s warm,” Drew was almost surprised.
Travis blushed, “I don’t like it when it’s cold.”
Drew chuckled, “it’s different, it’s nice.”
Travis snarled at him.
“Be nice,” Drew smiled, “Spread your legs for me baby.”
Travis did as he was told; Drew positioned himself between Travis’ legs, pressing two fingers to his entrance. Travis grimaced, as Drew worked his fingers into the tightness.
“Relax,” Drew said softly.
Drew twisted his fingers around stretching Travis, before adding a third finger. Travis’ breath hitched; Drew chuckled, curling his fingers into Travis’ prostate. Travis moaned loudly, as Drew’s fingers brushed over his prostate. Drew pulled his fingers from Travis’ body, reaching for the vibrator on the other side of the bed, coating it liberally with lubricant. Drew smirked, pressing the toy to Travis’ entrance, pushing it in slightly, Travis writhing on the bed. Drew slowly pushed the toy further and further into Travis, Travis pushed his hips down, aching for more. Drew smirked, “Let’s take this up a notch.” Drew turned the dial on the bottom of the toy, turning it to three. Travis squeezed his eyes shut, the fullness of the toy, thrusting into him, was enough to get him off, and adding vibrations directly to his prostate, was enough to send him over the edge in about 2.5 seconds. Drew shallowly thrust the vibrating toy in and out of Travis, going a bit faster with each thrust.
“D-Drew,” Travis moaned, “Oh god. Keep doing that, and I’m not going to last.”
Drew turned the dial increasing the vibrations.
Travis’ eyes rolled, back, as he gripped onto the sheets, “Oh god, Drew,” he called, “Mmm so close.”
Travis bucked his hips, just as he was about to come, the vibrations stopped. He whimpered, “No, don’t stop, please.”
Drew reached for the condom on the other side of the bed, ripping it open, tossing the rapper aside, as he rolled the condom onto his hard cock. Drew positioned himself in between Travis’ legs, “Ready?”
Travis nodded, all too eagerly. Drew gripped onto Travis’ hips, pushing into him slowly.
“Holy fuck,” Drew breathed, “You’re so fucking tight.”
“Mhmm,” Travis moaned, “Move faster please.”
Drew leaned down pressing a kiss to Travis’ lips, before moving his hips faster. Drew thrust his hips forward, thrusting quickly into Travis.
The fullness of Drew’s cock, inside of him, thrusting fast, and the friction on their bodies being so close together, was so over stimulating, Travis wasn’t sure how much longer he could last.
“Oh Drew,” Travis moaned loudly, “oh yeah!”
Drew must have been doing something right; he had Travis moaning like a two-dollar whore, he thrust faster into Travis, still trying to be gentle with him.
Travis screamed loudly, as Drew’s cock hit his prostate.
“Right there,” Travis moaned, wrapping his legs around Drew’s waist, “Yes!”
Drew’s thrust became shallower, as he hit Travis’ prostate dead on, Travis screaming below him.
“There!” Travis screamed, “Oh god, so close, so close.”
Travis moaning below him, was the biggest turn on ever, Drew could feel his orgasm rising.
“Drew!” Travis moaned loudly, gripping onto the sheets, as he came, spilling over both their stomachs.
Drew thrust his hips forward, slamming into Travis, “Fuck, Travis!” he called as he came, spilling over inside the condom. Drew collapsed on top of Travis, who still had his legs wrapped around Drew’s waist. Drew reached up, un-cuffing Travis from the bed. Travis let his arms fall, wrapping his arms around Drew’s body.

“God, that was so good,” Travis said breathlessly.
“You’re amazing,” Drew said, pulling out of Travis. Drew reached behind him, pulling Travis’ legs from around his waist.
Travis blushed, “Sorry.”
“Don’t be,” Drew says, tying off the condom, and tossing it into the trash bin beside the bed. Drew drops down onto the bed next to Travis.
“So,” Drew starts.
Travis turns over, pulling the covers up over his naked body, “Shhhh,” he shushes Drew, “Sleep.”
Drew laughed, but didn’t complain, he pulled the covers up over his naked body, getting closer to Travis, before both boys drifted off to sleep.

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i love it! everything about it is amazing.
and wtf is up with danny, teaching kendal that a turtle is an octopus? hahah.

hahah thank you!
hahah, he's still a little kid at heart :]

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