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Big Packages come in small surprises [2/?]
Title: Big packages come in small surprises.
Author: xxrandomxbrixx
Paring: Travis/Drew
POV: third
This chapter Rating: PG
Overall Rating: NC-17
Summary: Travis is a single parent, and is just trying to make it, when someone just walks right into Travis’ life, and shakes things up a bit. eh second chapter.... not much else to say....
Disclaimer: not true. A lie. Never happened.
A/N: not sure where this idea came from, but I’m going with it. Love it or hate it. and A special thanks to my Juliet who beta'd this for me thanks so much 13rachey13 Love you girlie!

Travis wakes up, and his entire body hurts, he’s sore all over, and he doesn’t know why, until he opens his eyes, and sees, a naked boy sleeping in his bed. Travis buries his head in his pillow; he wants to kick himself right now. He looks at the clock, it’s seven o’clock, he gets out of bed, gasping in pain, he really wants to kick himself. Travis gets in the shower, washing away any traces of last night.

Travis is in the kitchen, making breakfast, when he senses another person walk into the room, he looks over his shoulder, smiling, “Good morning.”
Drew rubs at his eyes, “Morning.”
“Hungry?” Travis asks, “I made pancakes.”
“I love pancakes,” Drew beams.

Travis and Drew are in the bedroom; Drew is sitting on the bed watching Travis fix his hair.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to give you a ride?” Travis asks, brushing his hair.
“It’s a nice morning, I’ll walk, Drew says, “But thank you.”
“Alright,” Travis says letting it go.
“Travis,” Drew says softly.
“Yeah?” Travis answers, brushing his hair.
“Would it be cool if I called you sometime?” Drew asks.
Travis stopped brushing his hair, smiling at Drew though the mirror, “Of course.” Travis set his hairbrush down, walking across the room, to get a piece of paper, and a pen, writing down his number. He handed Drew the paper, smiling.
Drew smiled, “Purple?”
“It’s adorable,” Travis said, pushing his bangs aside.
“Just like you,” Drew said.
Travis blushed.
Twenty minutes later, both boys are leaving Travis’ apartment.
“Travis,” Drew says.
“Yeah?” Travis asks locking the door behind him.
“I was wondering if you were doing anything later.”
“Oh, I um,” Travis stumbles over his words, “I’m sorry, but I’m busy tonight.”
“Oh,” Drew says, “You have a boyfriend?” he asks slowly.
“No,” Travis says, “I’m not that kind of guy.”
“That’s good to know,” Drew says.
“I uh.”
“Have a girlfriend?”
Travis chuckles, “No, definitely not that kind of guy.”
Drew laughs a little.
“I just,” Travis starts, fiddling with his keys.
“Don’t like me?”
“Oh no,” Travis says looking at Drew, “It’s not that, I do like you, I just,” Travis sighed, “I have to take care of my son.”
Drew stares at Travis. “You have a son?”
Travis nodded, “Sorry.”
“No,” Drew shook his head, “it’s just you’re fucking hot.”
Travis gasped, “Language.”
“Sorry,” Drew immediately apologized.
“Oh my god,” Travis blushed, “That’s so embarrassing, I’m so sorry.”
“It’s fine, I get it,” Drew said, “Force of habit.”
Travis nodded, completely embarrassed.
“So you have a son,” Drew says.
“Yeah,” Travis nodded.
“That’s,” Drew thought for the word, “Cool.”
Both Travis and Drew laughed.
“Hey, I have to get to work, but uh,”
“I’ll call you,” Drew finishes Travis sentence.
Travis smiles, “Alright.”
“See you,” Drew says walking away.
“Bye.” Travis smiles, before walking to his car.

It’s half past three, and Travis is picking up Kendal from school. Kendal is playing inside, with his friends, Travis smiles, watching his son interact with the other children.
Kendal stopped playing, and stared down at his feet, he looked up again, “Ms. Mercedes, my shoes is untied,” Kendal said looking at his teacher.
She smiled, “Let’s see what we can do about that Kendal.”
After tying the young boys’ shoe, she looked up, seeing Travis, she waved. Kendal turned around to see who she was waving at. Kendal beamed, “Daddy!”
“Hey, there kiddo,” Travis said picking up his son, kissing his forehead.
“How was school today?” Travis asked.
“We finger painted!” Kendal said.
Travis laughed, “Looks like you got some on your shirt.”
Kendal smiled.
Travis set Kendal down, “Get your backpack and we’ll go get ice cream.”
“Ice cream,” Kendal smiled, running off to get his things.
Travis watched as Kendal pulled his things out of his cubby. Kendal handed his backpack to Travis, smiling. Travis smiled, taking Kendal’s backpack, “Let’s go.”
“Bye Ms Mercedes,” Kendal said waving.
“Bye sweetie,” She said, “I’ll see you on Monday. Have a fun weekend.”
Later that night
Travis is trying to get Kendal into the bath. Travis sighs, watching his son, run down the hallway in only his superman underwear.
“Kendal,” Travis says slightly irritated, “Seriously, you need to get in the bath.”
Travis heard Kendal giggle from down the hall.
He sighs, “Kendal this isn’t funny.”
“I think it’s funny,” Kendal says running into his bedroom.
“You think everything is funny,” Travis says getting up from the bathroom floor.
Travis walks into the small boy’s bedroom, only to see him stark naked, playing with his trucks, “Kendal!”
Kendal smiled.
“”Kendal, please get in the bath,” Travis says, “Daddy is really tired, and he doesn’t want to play games right now.”
“I like games,” Kendal says.
“I know,” Travis says, “Please get in the bath.”
“I don’t like the bath.”
“I don’t care if you don’t like it,” Travis says sternly, “You’re getting a bath.”
Kendal shot his father a look that Travis didn’t like.
“One,” Kendal gasped, dropping his toys.
“Two,” Kendal made a beeline for the bathroom.
Travis walked into the bathroom, seeing Kendal sitting in the tub.
“Thank you,” Travis says, standing in the doorway, watching his son playing with his boats.
Travis yawned.
“Are you tired Daddy?”
“Yeah,” Travis said.
“It’s been a long day,” Travis says.
“Mhmmm,” Travis mumbles, “How about you do some washing kiddo.”
“I’m already in the water,” Kendal says staring at Travis like he’s insane.
Travis laughs, “Yeah, now how about some soap.”
Kendal flails, “Soap!”
“Don’t make me do it for you,” Travis threatened.
Kendal gasps, reaching for the soap.
“Good boy.”
The phone rings, Travis looks at Kendal, “Wash,” He says, before going to answer the phone, “With soap.”

“Hello,” He answers.
“Hey,” Danny says.
“Hey Danny,” Travis says going back to the bathroom to make sure his son is doing as he was told.
“What’s up? You okay?”
“Yeah, I’m good,” Travis answers, “Tired. Kendal wash behind your ears please.”
Danny laughed, “Giving Kendal a bath?”
“Yeah,” Travis sighed.
“What the hell has got you so tired?” Danny asked.
“I was up late last night,” Travis said.
“Oh yeah?” Danny says.
“I have to know,” Danny says,” What’d you do?”
Travis rolls his eyes, “I have to go finish giving Kendal a bath.”
“The kid washes himself!” Danny insists, “I get it. I’ll call you back for the details.”
“Yeah, do that,” Travis says, “cause I have to go.”
Danny rolls his eyes, “Yeah, alright, bye.”

“Alright Kendal,” Travis says, “Time to get out.”
“But!” the three year old protests.
Travis scoffed, “You’re the one who didn’t want to get in in the first place.”
Kendal giggles.
Travis rolls his eyes, grabbing a towel from the towel rack, “C’mon get out.”
Kendal stepped out of the bath; Travis wrapped him in the towel, “Go.”
Kendal holds his towel up around his shoulders, walking out of the bathroom, into his own room.
Travis let the water run out of the tub, placing Kendal’s boats on the sides of the tub. Travis turns off the bathroom light, walking into the living room, seeing Kendal’s naked butt in the kitchen.
“Kendal,” Travis sighed, “What are you doing?”
“Juice!” Kendal says looking in the refrigerator.
“Kendal, go put your pajamas on,” Travis says, “I’ll bring you some juice.”
“Okay,” Kendal agreed running off to his room.
Travis shook his head, grabbing a juice box for his son.

Travis is sitting on the couch, half asleep, watching TV, when Kendal comes into the room, carrying Travis’ guitar.
Travis sits up straight, “What you got there kiddo?”
“Sing,” Kendal says.
“You ready to go to bed?” Travis asks.
Kendal nodded.
“Alright,” Travis says, getting up, taking the guitar from Kendal.

Kendal climbed into bed, Travis tucking him in.
“Daddy,” Kendal says softly, as Travis sits on the floor.
“Can you sing the song about mommy?”
Travis looked at Kendal, “Why do you want me to sing that one?”
“I miss mommy,” Kendal says.
“You okay?” Travis asks.
Kendal nodded.
“You know mommy loves you right,” Travis says.
“Yeah,” Kendal says, “She loves me very much. You told me so.”
Travis nodded, “She does, she loves you very much, because she told me that.”
“I miss mommy,” Kendal says.
“I miss mommy too,” Travis says, beginning to play the song.

By the end of the song, Kendal is asleep. Travis sets his guitar aside, getting up off the floor, kissing Kendal on the forehead, before turning the light off, and closing the door.
Travis is thinking about heading to bed, when the phone rings, he thinks about ignoring it, it’s no one but Danny, but he answers the phone anyways.

“Hello?” he answers.
“So, how did bath time go?” Danny asks.
Travis rolls his eyes, falling down onto the couch, “he was running around the house naked.”
Danny laughed, “Wow, that’s so normal.”
“Shut up,” Travis says, “I don’t know, he just gets distracted a lot.”
“Distracted?” Danny asks, “Distracted enough to go around the house naked.
“Yeah, he wanted juice.”
“Definitely your son,” Danny says.
“Yeah, so not why I called.”
“Yeah? Then why did you call?” Travis asks.
“You have to tell me what you did last night,” Danny says.
Travis sighs, “I went to the bar.”
Travis rolls his eyes, “I met a guy.”
“Oh. Do tell,” Danny says excitedly.
“We made out.”
“We had sex,” Travis said, “Danny?”
A few seconds later, “Sorry, I dropped the phone. You did what?”
“I had sex, with a really hot guy.”
Danny was quiet for a second, “I don’t believe you.”
“Why not?”
“This is coming from the same guy who said he didn’t have time for a relationship.”
“What’s one night?”
“Not a one night stand guy.”
“Well I was last night.”
“Prove it,” Danny says.
Travis laughs, “How am I supposed to prove it?”
Danny thought for a minute, “How big is his cock?”
Travis gasped, “Danny! I’m so not telling you that.”
“This is why I don’t believe you.”
Travis rolled his eyes, “Whatever. Ask me something else.”
“No tell me something.”
“Tell you what?”
“Something about last night.”
“I don’t know, but I know that if I did it again, I’d totally change position, cause like, my body aches,” Travis says.
“Oh yeah?” Danny says, “That usually doesn’t happen.”
“When you haven’t had sex in almost four years it does,” Travis said, “Don’t go there with me.”
Danny laughs, “Alright Travis, I’m going to leave you to your little fantasy.”
“Alright Danny,” Travis says, “I’ll see you.”

No sooner than he hung up the phone, was the phone ringing again, Travis glanced at the clock, it was almost ten. And he’d put Kendal to bed at eight, so he must have been on the phone with Danny for longer than he’d realized. Or maybe he’d fallen asleep for longer than he’d realized.
“Hello?” Travis answered.
“Hi, Travis,”
Travis blushed, hearing the deep, sexy voice on the other end, “Hi Drew.”
“What are you up to?” Drew asks.
“Not a lot,” Travis answers, “What about you?”
“Not a lot, my brother just left,” Drew says casually.
“You have a brother?” Travis asks.
“Yeah he lives with me, he’s older than me.”
“Oh that’s cool.”
“Yeah it is,” Drew says, “But he gets on my nerves.”
Travis laughs, “I think it’s the whole siblings things.”
Drew laughs, “Yeah it’s like encoded in our DNA.”
Travis laughs.
“How was your day?” Drew asks.
“Very tiring.”
“Oh yeah? What’d you do?”
“I went to work, then picked up Kendal from school,” Travis says.
“Kendal? Is that your son?” Drew questioned.
“Yeah,” Travis says, “he’s my son.”
“Cool. How old is he?”
“He’ll be four next month,” Travis said, running his fingers through his hair.
“Cool,” Drew says.
Travis laughs a little.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Yeah,” Travis says softly.
“You’re gay right?” Drew asks slowly.
“Yeah,” Travis answers.
“How long have you been gay?”
Travis thinks for a minute, “Honestly, I can’t think of a time when I wasn’t attracted to guys.”
“Really?” Drew asks.
“Yeah, What about you?”
“High school,” Drew says, “Somewhere around freshman year, before then I used to say I was bi, but really I wasn’t.”
“I see. Why do you ask? Just curious?”
“Well yeah,” Drew admits, “and I was kind of wondering about the whole, you have a son thing.”
“Hmmm, well, that was an accident,” Travis admits.
“How so?” Drew asks.
“Well Morgan was my best friend,” Travis says, “We were at a party one night, got too drunk, and we had sex.”
“Yeah, nine months later she calls me, and tells me she’s having my baby,” Travis says recalling back to that day.
“Wow, that’s got to be hard.”
“Yeah going from party boy to dad in a matter of minutes,” Travis said, “Definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.”
“So Where is she now? Morgan I mean, you said she was your friend, do you not see each other anymore? I mean that seams like it’d be hard on Kendal to not see his mother.”
Travis laughs, “Slow down. One at a time.”
Drew blushes, “Sorry.”
“It’s cool,” Travis said, “Um, Morgan died.”
“Oh my god.”
“Yeah. At the time, Kendal was living with her, and I would come over and visit everyday. We were still best friends, best friends who just happed to have a kid together,” Travis said, “It was nice.”
“Kendal was too young to understand,” Travis says, “he was barely one. She slipped in the shower, hit her head on the glass, and broke her neck.”
“Oh my god!”
“I found her,” Travis says softly, “I went over like every other day, and she didn’t answer, so I let myself in,” Travis continued, “Kendal was in his crib, playing. I heard the shower, but no singing, it was odd,” Travis stopped himself, “Sorry, You probably don’t even want to hear this.”
“No!” Drew protested, “No, keep going.”
“You sure? I don’t want to bore you.”
“You’re not boring,” Drew insists, “I want to hear the story.”
“Alright,” Travis continued, “So I went and knocked on the bathroom door, when she didn’t answer, I became worried, I opened the door, to peak in, and there she was, blood and water everywhere,” Travis closed his eyes, trying to make the image go away, “Sorry.”
“Wow I can’t imagine seeing something like that,” Drew says, “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” Travis insists, “So, we’ve talked about me. Now lets talk about you.”
Drew laughs, “I’m boring.”
“I don’t believe you,” Travis teases him.
“Well, I don’t know what you want me to tell you,” Drew says.
“How about you tell me why you called me tonight?”
“I called you because, I like you.”
“You don’t even know me,” Travis says.
“I’d like to get to know you,” Drew says.
“What did you have in mind?”
Drew smiles, “What are you doing tomorrow?”
“I can’t, Kendal.”
“What about last night,” Drew said.
“What about it?”
“Where was he then?”
“He was at my friend’s house,” Travis said, “but I can’t leave him there again.”
“Why not?”
“Because he wanted to keep him last night, and he probably won’t want to tomorrow, and I can’t keep pawning my three year old on him,” Travis insists.
“Tomorrow is Saturday?”
“Why don’t you come over,” it was more of a statement than a question.
“I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t know you like that,” Travis says.
“Then can I come over?”
“Please I really want to see you,” Drew says.
“I want to see you too, but,”
“But what?”
“But Kendal,” Travis says.
“I want to meet him!”
“And I want you to, but I don’t want to introduce him to anything right now,” Travis’ voice trails off.
“What are you talking about?” Drew asks softly.
“I want Kendal to be able to make up his own mind, I don’t want to influence him in anyway, if Kendal one day is gay, that’s great, and if he’s straight, that’s great too, but I want Kendal to be Kendal, and I don’t want my choices to influence him in anyway.”
“I get it,” Drew says.
“I mean it’s not like Kendal doesn’t know, but still.”
“He knows?”
“Of course,” Travis says, “He may just be a kid, but he’s smart, and I want him to know.”
“I get it,” Drew says, “Really I do. And I have to say, that what you’re doing is really great, and if I could I would totally kiss you right now.”
Travis laughed, “Thanks.”
“I really would,” Drew says.
“I wouldn’t doubt it,” Travis laughs.
Drew laughs.
“Alright Drew, well it’s pretty late, and I’m tired,” Travis says, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
“You’ll see me tomorrow,” Drew insists.
Travis laughs, “Whatever. I’ll talk to you later.”
“Good night Travis.”
“Good night Drew.”
Travis hung up the phone, putting it back on the hook, heading for bed. Travis lay in bed, thinking about Drew, Travis drifted off to sleep, with thoughts of Drew.


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