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She Misplaced Her Virginity Back in 1995
Title: She misplaced her virginity back in 1995
Author: xxrandomxbrixx
Paring: Nate Flynn/Pat Brown (sing it loud)
Rating: NC-17
POV: third
Summary: wild nights...
Disclaimer: not true, never happened. I don’t own these boys they own themselves. Title belongs to motion city soundtrack.
A/N: For my lovely Juliet 13rachey13 This is a present for our one year anniversary as besties! :] Love you baby!

Nate sits on the couch, texting his friend, when Pat comes in the bus, singing some obnoxious rap song. Nate looks up from his phone, laughing at their singer. Pat is dancing around in circles, in an attempt to rap.
“Oh my god, Pat,” Nate laughs, “What are you doing?”
“What does it look like I’m doing bitch?”
“Looks like you’re making an ass of yourself,” Nate says trying not to laugh.
Pat stopped dancing, looking at Nate, “You’re making an ass of yourself,” Pat says making fun of Nate.
Nate gave Pat a look, “Yeah, alright.”
Pat ignored Nate, as he turned the stereo on, putting in a CD that’d been lying on the counter.
“Oh shit son!” Pat screamed, as he started dancing again.
Just then Ben walked into the bus, seeing Pat dancing; he jumped in, and started dancing too.
Nate stared at them, “I have the weirdest band,” he said to aloud to himself.
“Nate!” Ben screamed, “Nate! Come dance with us!”
“Uh, no, I’ll pass,” Nate says, before getting up, to go to his bunk. He pushes past the dancing duo, only to be grabbed around his waist. Nate screamed a little in protest.
Pat had his arm around Nate’s waist, as he was still jumping, and dancing.
“Ben!” Pat called, “get him from the back!”
Nate screamed, as Ben started grinding against his ass. Both Pat and Ben were jumping up and down, with Nate in between them, still screaming.
“Make it stop,” Nate whined.
Pat let go of Nate, but he was still in between the two boys, jumping and grinding on him.
“Bitch!” Pat screamed, tripping over his own feet, fall onto the couch, as he started laughing.
Nate screamed, as he ran to the safety of his bunk; Nate ran right into Kieren.
“Why the hell are you screaming?” Kieren asked.
“They were molesting me!” Nate said. “I was just texting, then they came in and started jumping around, then they put me in the middle, and molested me,” He explained.
Kieren blinked at Nate, “Um.”
Nate shook his head, brushing past Kieren, going to his bunk where he could text in peace.

Later that night, it’s late and no one knows what state they’re in, but that doesn’t stop Pat from cracking open a bottle of vodka. Nate is sitting back, drinking his beer, while Pat pours himself a glass of vodka, straight.
“Put some music on,” Nate says.
“Kay,” Pat says taking a drink. He looks around the counter, “Do you have a CD?”
“Uh,” Nate looks around himself, seeing a blank CD case, with a CD inside; he picks it up, and hands it to Pat, “here.”
“What is it?” Pat asks, opening the CD player.
“I don’t know.”
Pat chuckled, “Okay,” he puts the CD in, taking another drink, pressing play before sitting down next to Nate.
Nate sips on his beer, watching Pat down his entire cup of vodka.
“Oh, it’s a warped tour CD,” Pat laughs drunkenly.
Nate laughs at his drunk friend, “It doesn’t look like warped tour CD.”
“I burned it off of Nick,” Pat says slowly.
“Oh,” Nate smiled.
Pat looks at Nate, “Whoa, you’re like really pretty.”
Nate blushes slightly, “Uh, thanks.”
“Yeah,” Pat says, reaching for the vodka, “You’re pretty.”
Pat pours more vodka into his cup, and then decides on drinking straight from the container.
Kieren and Ben walk into the room, grabbing a beer, and joining the other two boys.
“Kieren,” Pat says, “Nate is like really pretty,” he slurs slightly.
“Yeah, Nate is pretty hot,” Kieren says.
“You’re pretty sexy yourself,” Nate says.
“Oh baby!”
Nate gets up from the couch, stumbling drunkenly, he giggles, tripping over someone’s shoe, falling onto the floor, he laughs at himself. Pat points at Nate, and starts laughing uncontrollably; Ben joins in the laughter, laughing loudly. Kieren looks at his drunk friends, and laughs.
“Hey guys,” Nate whines, “it’s not funny.”
“Uh, yeah it is!” Pat says laughing.
Nate giggles, still on the floor, “Guys, I can’t get up.” Nate lies down on the floor. Ben gets up, and goes to lie on top of Nate.

Nate groaned, as Ben’s weight fell onto his stomach. Pat then sat on Ben, lying on top of both boys.
Nate groaned again, “Guys, you’re heavy.”
Pat and Ben sighed, getting off the smaller boy. Nate pulls himself up, sitting in the middle of the floor.
Ben pulls out his cell phone, laughing, “Kieren!” he screams, “You have see this,” Ben leaves the room, in search of Kieren.
Pat walks over to Nate, offering him a hand up; Nate takes Pats hand, pulling himself up.
“Thanks,” Nate smiles, still a tad bit drunk.
Pat stares at Nate, drunken smile on his face; He presses his lips to Nate’s kissing him. Nate pulls away, “Uh.”
Pat is too drunk to realize what he’s doing, and he kisses Nate again, wrapping his arms around Nate’s small body, holding Nate close to his body.
Nate tries to break free of Pat’s grasp, but is unsuccessful. Nate pushes Pat away after Pat breaks the kiss.
“What?” Pat slurs.
Nate scoffs, brushing past Ben and Kieren, going to his bunk.
Ben watches Nate storm off, “What’s his problem?”
Pat says nothing and passes out on the couch.

The next day, Nate wakes up, kind of wanting to avoid his band for a bit. He walks into the lounge, and sees Pat, the last person he wants to see right now, he turns to walk back to his bunk.
“Nate! Wait!” Pat calls.
Nate stops, turning around, “What?”
“I’m sorry about last night,” He says, “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”
“Its fine,” Nate says, wishing he would drop it.
“No, it’s not, no matter how drunk I was, I shouldn’t have done that,” Pat says, “Hell I shouldn’t have done half the shit I did to you last night. I’m really sorry.”
“Its fine,” Nate says, “Really.”
Pat sighs, “Nate, please, talk to me.”
“I’m talking to you.”
“Not what I mean,” Pat sighs.
“I don’t know what you want me to say,” Nat says leaning against the wall, “You want me to say I was pissed last night when you held me against my will and kissed me?”
Nate shook his head, “You want me to say that I was painfully hard last night when I went to bed?”
Pat stayed quiet.
“You want me to say that I’d only thought about kissing you for the longest time? You want me to say that I wanted it?” Nate said raising his voice slightly.
Pat stared at Nate.
“You want me to say, that I’d do anything to have you do it again?” He says softly, just above a whisper.
“Nate,” Pat says softly.
“Whatever,” Nate says, going back to his bunk.
“Nate,” Pat gets up, following him, he grabs Nate’s arm, spinning him so that he’s forced to look at him, “You don’t get off that easy.”
Nate sighs.
“You can’t just tell me you want me to kiss you, and then walk away.”
Nate begins to say something, but is cut off, by Pat kissing him.
Nate pushes him away, “gross! My mouth was open!”
Pat laughs, “Then shut up.” He kisses Nate again, this time, their lips move together.
Nate sighs, “Pat.”
“Hey,” Pat says softly, “I like you.”
“I like you too, but-” Pat kisses Nate again, “But this isn’t going to work.”
Pat shrugs, “We’ll make it work,” he says, “last night when I kissed you, it wasn’t because I was too drunk, it was because I really do like you, and I wanted to. I’ve wanted to for a while now.”
“Really?” Nate asks.
“Hell yeah,” Pat says, “and I meant everything I said, last night, I mean that you’re really pretty, and I really want to kiss you more.”
Nate isn’t known for being the sexually promiscuous one, so what he says next shocks Pat slightly, “I really want to have sex with you.”
Pat doesn’t know what to say at first, “Well, I think that can be arranged.”

When they pulled into the gas station Pat and Nate volunteered to go get some snacks.
“Pretzels please,” Kieren said looking up from his phone.
“Goldfish,” Ben said, looking bored as usual.
Nate and Pat went into the small mini mart, getting the snacks they’d promised.
“Nate,” Pat said softly.
“Never mind, it’s stupid.”
“No, what is it?”
“I was wondering if you would like to sleep with me,” he says, “but like not in a sexual way.”
Nate smiles, “I’d love to, but bunks are kind of small.”
“That just means I’d get to be closer to you,” Pat says softly.
Nate smiles, “We’ll see.”

It’s about seven thirty, and Pat and Ben are wasted, Nate is slightly drunk and falling asleep, and Kieren is getting it all on camera.
Pat and Ben are screaming drunkenly, bouncing on the couch, and making a hell of a lot of noise.
Nate gets up, “I’m going to bed,” he slurs heading for his bunk.
“Party Pooper!” Ben yells standing on the table.
“Get off the table you dick,” Kieren says filming Ben shaking his ass.
Pat, gets up, and follows Nate, to his bunk, “Hey.”
Nate turns around, looking at Pat, his eyes are droopy, and he’s got the ‘I’m incredibly drunk’ look. “Hey.”
“Sleep with me?” Pat asks.
Nate considers turning him down, Pat really is too drunk, and he won’t remember being rejected in the morning.
“Alright, but only sleeping, no funny stuff,” Nate says.
“You’re the one who said you wanted to have sex,” Pat says climbing into his bunk.
Nate follows him, “Still do, but not like this.”
Pat cuddles close to Nate’s body, “Kay.” And he’s asleep.

Pat wakes up alone the next morning, head throbbing, and dick hard. Pat groaned, running his fingers through his hair, he lays there, hoping his erection will subside. Pat rolled over on his side, seeing a magazine with a red car on the front of it; he picked up the magazine, flipping through the pages, stopping to read an article about keeping your car running at its best. Pat got bored, and threw the magazine aside; he reached for his jeans in the corner of his bunk, wondering how his pants got off in the first place. He pulled on his jeans, and slipped out of his bunk, blinded by the sunlight, that came through the windows. He walked into the lounge, dropping himself down onto the couch.
“Good morning,” Nate says softly, sitting at the table.
“Hey,” Pat says.
Nate smiles.
“Where are the guys?” Pat asks.
“They’re outside,” Nate answers.
Pat hadn’t even realized they weren’t moving anymore, “Oh.”
“So,” Pat starts.
“What?” Nate asks.
“I’ve been thinking,” Pat says, “You know about what you said.”
Nate nods.
“And, I kind of really need to get off right now,” Pat said, “so you give me a blowjob, I give you one, or whatever.”
Nate laughs slightly, “Sorry, I don’t do that.”
Pat looks at Nate shocked, “you don’t?”
Nate shook his head.
“Have you ever gotten one?” Pat asks carefully.
Nate laughs a little, “Yeah.”
“But you don’t’ give them?”
“No,” Nate says.
“Well, then can I give you one?”
“Why do you feel you have to?”
“I want to,” Pat says quickly, “Before the guys come back.”
“I uh,” Nate stutters, “Not now.”
“C’mon,” Pat says, walking over to Nate, placing his hand on Nate’s crotch.
Pat takes his hand away, placing it on the table, as Ben and Kieren walk into the bus.
“Sup?” Ben says, looking at Kieren’s phone.
“Nothing,” Pat says.
Nate puts his head down on the table.
“What’s wrong with him?” Ben says gesturing at Nate.
“He’s hot,” Pat says.
“Yeah he is,” Kieren says taking his phone back from Ben.
Pat buries his head in his hands.

Later that same day, after their set was over, Pat finds Nate under their tent; he smirks, pulling Nate away from the tent.
“Pat, what the hell?”
“C’mon I really want to suck you off,” Pat says.
“Not here,” Nate says.
“Fine,” Pat says, pulling Nate away.
“Where are you taking me?” Nate asks.
Pat takes Nate back to their bus, pushing Nate down onto the couch. Pat gets down on his knees, reaching for Nate’s pants.
“Pat! Not here either!” Nate cries.
“Just shut the fuck up,” Pat says, unbuttoning Nate’s pants, sliding the zipper down.
Pat palms at Nate’s cock, causing Nate to moan out in pleasure. Nate had thought about Pat sucking him off before, he just never thought he’d be sitting in their tour bus, thighs spread, Pat’s face in his crotch, moaning like a whore.

Pat hollows out his cheeks, as he bobs his head, taking more of Nate into his mouth. Nate groans, tangling his fingers into Pat’s hair. Pat moans around Nate’s cock, sucking quickly.
“Shit Pat, so close,” Nate moans. Nate is closer than he thinks, because the next thing he knows he’s coming in Pat’s mouth.

“I’m rooming with Kieren,” Ben says the second he finds out they’re staying in a hotel tonight.
“Damnit!” Nate says, “I wanted to room with Kieren.”
“Now now boys,” Kieren chuckles, “there is plenty of me to go around.”
Nate rolls his eyes, “whatever, at least Pat doesn’t kick.”
Kieren gasped, “Nate!”
Nate smiled.

Nate is sitting on the hotel bed, laptop in his lap; he’s looking at something on MySpace. Pat is laid out across the rest of the bed, his feet touching Nate’s thighs.
“You want to move your feet,” Nate says slightly irritated.
Pat chuckles, “No.”
Nate looks at Pat, glaring at him.
There is a knock at the door.
“Go get that,” Nate says, pushing Pat off the bed.
“Shit!” Pat says loudly falling off the bed, “You bitch.”
Nate smiled sweetly.
Pat glared at him, before opening the door.
“Me and Ben are going out,” Kieren said, “Want to come?”
“What are you going to do?” pat asks.
“Well Ben wants to eat,” Kieren says, “Then I’m not sure what we’re going to do.”
“Well, I’m not hungry,” Pat says, “Nate you hungry?”
Nate looks up from the computer screen, “No,” he smiles.
“Hey, call us when you figure out what you’re going to do after,” Pat says, “We’ll meet you.”
“Alright,” Kieren says, “I’ll text you when we figure it out.”
“Cool beans,” Pat says, “Later.”
“See you,” Kieren says, walking away.
Pat closes the door, sitting on the edge of the bed.
“You want to use the computer? I’m going to turn it off if you don’t.”
“Hmm,” Pat thinks for a minute, “Nah, I’ll go on later.”
“Kay,” Nate says before turning the computer off, setting it on the floor next to an outlet, where he can plug it in.
Nate turns around seeing Pat laid out on the bed again, face buried in the pillows.
Nate climbs on the bed, sitting right on Pat’s butt.
“What are you doing?” Pat asks.
“Well, I’ve been thinking about earlier,” Nate says, “You know when you held me against my will and gave me a blow job.”
“And I think it’s about time I repaid you,” Nate says softly, pushing his hands under Pat’s shirt.
“How are you going to do that?” Pat asks.
Nate leans down, kissing the back of Pat’s neck, “you let me worry about that,” he says softly.
Nate climbs off Pat, “Over.”
Pat looks at Nate, then turns over, Nate’s hand are immediately on Pat’s belt, loosening it, unbuttoning his jeans, unzipping his pants.
“Shit, you don’t waste any time,” Pat says watching Nate.
Nate pulls Pat’s pants down, looking at him, “I like to get things done.” Nate tosses Pat’s pants onto the floor, quickly stripping the shirt off Pat’s body, leaving him in his socks and boxers.
“Oops,” Nate says sitting back on his heels.
“What?” pat asks annoyed.
Nate smiles, “I don’t have a condom.”
Pat stares at Nate, “You talk about having sex with me for two days, and you don’t have a condom.”
Nate smiles sweetly, “Baby.”
Pat rolls his eyes.
“Angel do you have a condom?”
“Yeah, I think I do,” Pat says, getting off the bed, he shuffles though his bag, tossing a condom at Nate, “it’s my only one.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll make it last,” Nate says seductively.
Pat leans down pressing his lips to Nate’s kissing him hard. Nate falls back onto the bed, his tongue sliding past Pat’s lips, both boys engulfed in a mess, wet kiss. Nate pulls away, to catch his breath. Pat falls onto the bed, “I know, my mouth his amazing.”
Nate looks at him, “Shut up,” he demands, straddling Pat’s hips.
Pat places his hands on Nate’s hips, squeezing tight, as Nate palms at the bulge in his boxers, “Shit, Nate.”
Nate hooks his fingers around the waistband of Pat’s boxers pulling them off.
“Ow!” Nate cries.
“What?” Pat asks.
“You’re hurting me,” Nate whines, smacking at Pat’s wrist.
Pat chuckles, “Sorry, Babe,” He removes his hands from Nate’s waist.
Nate pushes his shirt up, looking at his hips, seeing the bruises starting to form, “How am I going to explain these?”
Pat chuckles, pulling Nate’s shirt off, “You can just say you had awesome sex with a dominatrix.”
“Yeah, I don’t think so,” Nate says pushing Pat’s hands away from him.
“Well- fuck,” Pat moans, as Nate presses his tongue to Pat’s nipple, swirling his tongue around. “Shit Nate.”
Nate brings his fingers to Pat’s chest, twirling his fingers around his other nipple. Pat bucked his hips, “Nate,” he moaned.
“Baby, don’t get too excited, I want you to last long enough so that I can have your dick in my ass,” Nate says softly, his teeth grazing over Pat’s nipple.
Pat’s eyes roll back, “Shit! Then you’d better hurry up, cause I don’t think I can last much longer.”
Nate pulled away, unbuttoning his pants, pulling the zipper down, kicking his pants off, his boxers following next. Nate leaned down, kissing Pat on the lips, sucking sheepishly on his bottom lip. Nate reached for the condom, on the edge of the bed, tearing it open, tossing the wrapper elsewhere. Nate smirks, rolling the condom onto Pat’s hard cock. Pat moaned softly, bucking his hips.

Nate didn’t usually do this without some soft of preparation, but he couldn’t wait any longer, he straddled Pat’s hips, lowering himself slowly, until Pat was all the way in.
“Shit,” Nate swore, Pat was bigger than anyone he’d ever had sex with before. Nate wrapped his hand around his cock, squeezing slightly; he jerks himself a few times.
“Hey,” Pat says breathless.
“Give me a second,” Nate says, throwing his head back.
Nate moves his hips forward, a few times, before picking his hips up, droping them back down.
“Shit!” no one knows who said it, probably both of them. Nate moans loudly as he bounces in Pat’s lap, slamming himself down harder each time.
“Shit Nate,” Pat moans, “Fuck, so good.”
Nate moans, reaching for his cock, Pat smacks his hand away, wrapping his long fingers around Nate’s cock, stroking quickly.
“Fuck Pat,” Nate moaned, dropping his hips down.
“Shit, Nate, I can’t- fuck.”
Nate picked his hips up, dropping them back down, Pat’s cock brushing against his prostate, Nate screamed.
Nate screaming, naked, sweaty, riding him, was the biggest turn on ever, Pat stroked Nate’s cock faster, squeezing hard.
Nate moaned loudly, “Shit Pat!”
“Nate I’m g-going,” Pat stammers, bucking his hips forward, “Nate!” he called as he came, spilling over into the condom.
Nate moaned, “So close.”
Pat stopped touching Nate. Nate whined.
Pat picks Nat up off his lap, pressing him down onto the bed.
Nate whined, not having Pat’s cock inside of him anymore.
“Shhh,” Pat shushes him, pushing three fingers into Nate.
“Oh shit!” Nate moaned loudly. Pat curled his fingers into Nate’s prostate, twisting his fingers against the bundle of nerves.
“Fuck, Pat,” Nate almost screams.
Pat thrust his fingers into Nate, hitting his prostate, twisting his fingers.
“Shit,” Nate moans.
“Shit,” Pat groans, hearing his phone ring from the nightstand.
“Leave it,” Nate says breathlessly.
“I can’t, it’s Kieren,” Pat says, pressing his fingers harder into Nate’s prostate.
Nate pushes his hips down, groaning loudly.
“He says their going shopping, then bowling,” Pat says reading his text message, while still thrusting his fingers into Nate’s prostate.
“Shit, so close,” Nate moans, “Bowling, no shopping,” He says grinding his hips down.
“Here,” Pat tosses Nate his phone, so that he could focus on getting Nate off.
Nate catches the phone, moaning loudly as Pat swirls his tongue around the head of Nate’s dick.
“Shit,” Nate moans, closing his eyes tightly. He opens his eyes, typing a quick response to the text ‘meet 4 bowling hv fun shopping’ Nate tosses the phone across the bed.
Pat curls his fingers into Nate’s prostate, sucking the tip of his cock.
“Fuck! Nate screams, “Pat, I-”
Nate bucks his hips, gripping onto the sheets, Pat’s name on his lips as he comes, spilling over into Pat’s mouth.
Both boys fall onto the bed exhausted. Pat pulls the condom off, tossing it into the trash bin beside the bed.

“Oh my god,” Pat says breathlessly, “So good.”
Nate smacked Pat in his chest.
“What the hell?!”
“Don’t talk about me like that,” Nate says.
“But I-”
“I’m you’re boyfriend, not some whore you picked up off some street corner, I deserver respect, don’t talk about me like that,” Nate says.
“My Boyfriend?” Pat asks, “Since when?”
“Since two minutes ago,” Nate says.
Pat leans over pressing a kiss to Nate’s lips, “Alright boyfriend.”

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was the beginning from that video where ben fucked nate too hard and lost his slipper?!

i loved this. omg it was so adorable and cute and hot all at the same time. the ending was seriously the best, do you know how cute it is?!

pat/nate is almost as adorable as travis/drew. almost. :D


the concept came from that video yes, but i'm not sure if i wanted it to be exactly like that.

aw thank you :] that means alot. I wrote it all for you.

hahaha yeah almost. cause i mean, who can resist a ginger?!

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