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Big Packages come in small surprises [3/?]
Title: Big Packages come in small surprises
Author: xxrandomxbrixx
Paring: Travis/Drew
POV: third
Overall Rating: NC-17
This Chapter: PG
Summary: Travis is a single parent, just trying to make it, when someone walks right into Travis' life, and shakes things up a bit
Disclaimer: Not true. A lie. Never happened.
A/N: you guys even like this story? or should I jsut stop?

The next morning Travis wakes up, hearing the TV in the other room. He drags himself out of bed, pulls on a shirt, and walks into the living room. Travis sees Kendal on the couch, curled up next to Danny.
“Um, Hi,” Travis says, slightly confused.
“Good morning sleepy head,” Danny says.
“What are you doing?” Travis asks.
“Well I made Kendal breakfast, and now we’re watching TV,” Danny explains.
“Why are you in my- You made breakfast?”
“There’s still some left if you want some,” Danny says.
Travis’ head is spinning, “Wait, why are you here?”
“I can’t come see my best friend? And his son?”
Travis looked suspiciously at Danny.
Danny smiled sweetly.
“Whatever,” Travis mumbled, making his way into the kitchen to make some coffee.
“Hey, Danny do you want coffee?”
“Sure, thanks.”
Travis rubs at his eyes as he proceeds to make coffee. Travis looks down, when he feels something attach itself to his leg.
“Good morning Kendal,” Travis says, picking up his son, and placing a kiss upon his forehead.
“Morning daddy. Can I go play outside?” Kendal asks.
Travis sets Kendal down, “Why don’t you go play in your room right now, and you can go outside in a bit, okay?”
“Okay!” Kendal beams before running off to his room to play.

Travis sits at the table, putting his head down on the table. Danny walks over to Travis, gently rubbing his back.
“So,” Danny starts.
“What?” Travis grumbles.
“Tell me about the guy,” Danny says.
“No, you don’t want to know,” Travis says, “You’re just asking to be nosey.”
“No, really I want to know,” Danny says, “Tell me,” Danny says sitting at the table.
Travis glares at Danny.
“Tell me,” Danny says.
Travis rolls his eyes, “His name is Drew.”
“Oh nice,” Danny comments.
“he’s really sweet,” Travis says.
Travis rolls his eyes.
“You going to see him again?” Danny asks.
“I don’t know,” Travis says, “he wanted to see me today, but I don’t know.”
“What do you mean you don’t know?” Danny says, “A hot guy wants to go out with you and you’re saying no?”
“It’s not even like that,” Travis says.
“Oh it’s totally like that,” Danny says, “You will go out with him.”
“You can’t tell me who I can and can’t go out with,” Travis says.
“You’re going out with him,” Danny says.
“Are you kidding me? You’re not the boss of me.”
“You’re going out with him, whether I’m the boss of you or not, end of story.”
“Not end of story, I can’t go out with him,” Travis says.
“Why the hell not?”
“Danny!” Travis says smacking Danny.
“Ow! Sorry,” Danny apologizes.
“Danny I can’t have Kendal saying words like that,” Travis said, “You have to watch your mouth when you’re around him.”
“He’s not even in the room,” Danny says.
“He can still hear you,” Travis says.
“I’m sorry,” Danny says.

“So you’re not going out with him because?”
“Danny let it go,” Travis said sipping his coffee.
“No! I want you to go out with him,” Danny said.
“We don’t get everything we want,” Travis said.
“Daddy!” Kendal screamed.
“Oh god,” Travis said getting up from the table, rushing into the other room, “Kendal, are you okay?!?”
Kendal sat on the floor crying, bloody scratches on his knee, “What happened?” Travis asked getting down to get a closer look at the wound. Kendal screamed, tears falling from his eyes.
“It’s okay, Kendal,” Travis said, picking up his young son. When the phone rings, Travis groans, Kendal still screaming.
“Shhh Kendal, it’s okay,” Travis says trying to calm his son, “Danny! Can you get that?”
“Got it,” Danny said.
Travis takes Kendal into the bathroom, setting him on the counter, tears still falling from his eyes.
“No more tears,” Travis says, wiping the tears away with a tissue, “You’ll be okay, I promise.”
Travis takes a tissue, wiping away the blood running down Kendal’s leg, before opening the medicine cabinet, pulling out a box of band-aids and hydrogen peroxide. Travis pours a small amount of hydrogen peroxide onto a towel.
“This is going to sting a little,” Travis said.
“No!” Kendal shrieked.
“Only for a minute, I promise,” Travis said, “here, hold my hand,” Travis said holding out his hand for Kendal.
Kendal took Travis’ hand, holding tight, as Travis pressed the towel to Kendal’s knee.
Kendal screamed and started crying again, “It hurts!”
“I know baby,” Travis says, “I’m almost done, okay?”
“No more,” Kendal cries clutching onto Travis’ hand.
“I have to make sure it’s clean,” Travis said, “Just one more minute,” Travis says, removing the towel, and looking at Kendal’s knee.
Travis opens the drawer, sifting through its contents, pulling out a pair of tweezers.
“Hold very still Sweetie,” Travis says, “Daddy’s going to pull the splinter out, then put a band-aid on, okay?”
Kendal nodded.
Travis handed Kendal the box of band-aids, “You pick.”
Kendal smiled, letting go of Travis’ hand, looking inside the box of band-aids.
“I picked,” Kendal announced.
“Awesome,” Travis said, “You know what?”
“I’m all done,” Travis said, taking the band-aid from Kendal.
Travis put the band-aid on Kendal’s knee, picking him up off the counter, pressing a kiss to his forehead.
“Down, down, down,” Kendal said.
“Okay, but please play carefully,” Travis said, letting Kendal down.

“Okay, was that like the loudest scream you’ve ever heard?” Travis asks, sitting down on the couch.
“Yeah pretty much,” Danny said.
Travis shook his head, “My neighbors probably think I’m killing him in here.”
“Probably,” Danny said.
“I’ve got to get rid of that bed,” Travis says, “That’s not the first time he’s hurt himself.”
Danny thinks for a minute, “Why don’t you just take the one from my house, and switch them out?”
“I don’t know if that one is too big to fit in his room right now,” Travis said, “I’d have to reorganize the entire room, to make it fit.”
“You don’t have to do it today,” Danny said.
Travis shrugged.
“Who was on the phone?” Travis asked, changing the channel on the TV.
“Drew,” Danny said nonchalantly.
“What?” Travis asks, staring at Danny.
“You guys are going to a movie today,” Danny said, poking around the kitchen, “Oh! Can I have one of these cookies?”
“No you can’t have a cookie!” Travis said, “What do you mean we’re going to the movies?”
“At one,” Danny said, helping himself to a cookie anyways.
“You told him I would go out with him at one to see a movie?”
“Yes I did,” Danny said, taking a bite of his cookie.
“Stop eating!” Travis demanded, “Why would you do that?”
“I want you to go out with him,” Danny said, “You need to go out with him.”
“What I need is for you to stop butting into my life,” Travis said.
“You need to get laid,” Danny said, finishing his cookie.
“I already did,” Travis said, “So shut up!”
“You need to relax,” Danny said, walking over to Travis, placing his hands on his shoulders.
“Don’t touch me,” Travis said smacking Danny’s hands away.
“Relax,” Danny said, “you’re going to go out with a hot guy, you’re going to make out with him, and you’re going to have fun!”

Travis is nervous, and he doesn’t know why, he’s fumbling around with his clothes and his hair, well that’s another story entirely.
“Danny,” Travis calls, going into the hallway.
“Oh lord,” is Danny’s response when he sees Travis.
“Fix this.”
“Uh,” Danny looks at Travis’ hair, “What did you do?”
“Fix it before I fix your face,” Travis said.
“Oh, violent,” Danny said, pushing Travis back into the bedroom, “Kendal don’t play on the coffee table.”
“How’d you know he was doing that?” Travis asked looking at Danny.
“Eyes in the back of my head,” Danny said, grabbing the hair brush, and attempting to fix Travis’ hair.

“It’s a little big, but I mean, it’s not like a bad thing.” Danny says.
Travis stares in the mirror, trying to make his hair stay down flat.
“It looks like my head went in a dryer,” Travis said.
Danny swallowed hard, “No, not at all, it’s just a bit frizzy.”
Travis groaned.
“I blame you.”
“As you should,” Danny said.

“Will you be bringing him home?” Danny asked.
Travis ignored Danny, “Kendal.”
Kendal looked away from the TV.
“Daddy’s going out, and you’ll stay here with Uncle Danny,” Travis said, “and you’ll have a lot of fun. And when I get back, we’ll do something fun together.”
“Okay,” Kendal smiled.
“I love you, Kendal.”
“I love you too. Bye Daddy,” Kendal said staring back at the TV.
“Bye Kendal,” Travis said.

“Why do you look like that?” Danny asked.
“It’s just that I’ve never done the whole, ‘I’m going out to have fun while I leave my kid here with someone else’ thing.”
“Don’t feel guilty,” Danny said, “he knows you put him first before anything in the world.”
Travis sighed,
“He knows it and you know he does,” Danny said.
“I guess,” Travis says.
The doorbell rings.
“Now go have fun,” Danny says, practically pushing Travis out the door.
Travis glares at Danny as he pushes him, Danny closed the door in Travis’ face, Travis scoffed, before turning around and seeing Drew.
“Hi,” Travis said nervously.
Drew smiles, “Hi.”
Travis smiles.
“I told you, you would see me today,” Drew says.
Travis laughs, “Who knew.”
Drew leans forward, slightly, tucking a lock of hair behind Travis’ ear. He held out his hand. Travis smiles, taking Drew’s hand.

Travis and Drew walk hand in hand down the street, both boys content with the situation.
“So how was your morning?” Drew asked.
“Eh, it was weird,” Travis admits.
Drew laughs, “How so?”
“Well I woke up, and my best friend was in my house, watching TV with my son,” Travis said.
“Wow, that is weird,” Drew said.
“Yeah,” Travis agreed.
“Well my brother got in a fight with his girlfriend this morning,” Drew said.
“Yeah, first they were on the phone,” Drew said, “and it’s not like Hunter is loud, but she is, she wouldn’t stop yelling.”
“That’s awful,” Travis said.
“Even worse,” Drew said, “She came over and brought more yelling.”
“Aww, I’m sorry,” Travis says.
“Eh, it’s fine,” Drew said, “not your fault.”
“Seriously though, that would annoy me so much,” Travis says.
“Yeah, she woke me up, so I bitched her out,” Drew said, “I told her to get her ass out of my house.”
“Oh my god,” Travis gasped, “You said that to her?”
“Yeah I said that to her,” Drew said, “She completely woke me up, she deserved it.”
“Would you say that to me?” Travis asked softly.
Drew looked at Travis, “I would want to, but then I’d look in your eyes, and couldn’t do it.”
Travis smiled.
“Hey,” Drew says, “I don’t really want to see a movie.”
“Then what do you want to do?” Travis asked.
“Do you want to go back to my place, and just hang out?” Drew asked.
Travis thought for a second, “Sure,” he said, “I mean it couldn’t hurt.”
“Definitely not my ego,” Drew said.
Travis looked at Drew, before bursting out in laughter, “let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Drew led Travis into his apartment, Travis let his eyes wander.
“This is where I live,” Drew said closing the door behind him, “Sorry I don’t think Hunter cleaned up this morning.”
“Its fine,” Travis said, “I live with a three year old, this is perfect.”
Drew chuckled, “Can I offer you a beverage?”
“I mean we walked a lot,” Drew said, “just a bit thirsty. I’m going to have some water, would you like a glass?”
Travis smiled, “Water is fine, thank you.”
“Well sit,” Drew said, “My house is your house.”
Travis smiled; he doesn’t think he’s ever been out with someone so polite before, he sits down on the couch.
Drew brings Travis a glass of water, setting his down on the coffee table. Travis takes a sip of water before setting his glass down as well.
“So was this your plan all along?” Travis asked.
“Not really, but it was hot and gross outside,” Drew said, “and that damn sun.”
Travis laughed, “It is kind of gross out today.”
“I hate it,” Drew said.
“I love weather like this, but less humid,” Travis said.
“I hate it all,” Drew said, “There is just too much light out.”
Travis laughed, “So what, you stay in all day?”
“Yes,” Drew answered, “I stay in all day until the sun goes down, and I love the overcast days.”
“I do love overcast, it’s pretty,” Travis said.
Drew smiled looking into Travis’ eyes.
“What do you see?” Travis asked.
“I see a boy who doesn’t know what he wants,” Drew said, “I see a boy who wants something more than a relationship, I see a boy who wants something that is forever.”
Travis leaned forward capturing Drew’s lips between his, kissing him softly.
“Quit looking right through me, I’m right in front of you.”

“I really have to go now,” Travis said.
Drew reached for his pants, “I’ll drive you.”
“Yeah, I’ll take Hunter’s car,” Drew says nonchalantly.
Travis laughs, “Alright.”
The drive home was nice, the silence wasn’t an awkward one, and it wasn’t one that needed to be filled. They were both content with each other’s presence.
“Thank you,” Travis says.
“Thank you,” Drew says, “I’ll call you.”
Travis nodded, “Okay.”
“Bye Travis,” Drew said.
“Bye Drew.”

Travis walked into the apartment, seeing Danny being attacked by Kendal. Travis stood back, a confused look on his face. After Kendal had pinned Danny to the ground Travis figured it was time to step in.
“What’s going on here?” Travis asked.
“Daddy!” Kendal rushed over to Travis attaching himself to his leg.
Travis smiled, “Hey Kendal.”
“Daddy, look what I did,” Kendal smiled.
“Kendal,” Travis laughed, “What did you do?”
“I wrestled,” Kendal laughed.
“Wrestling?” Travis asks looking at Danny.
“Uh. He pinned me to the ground,” Danny tried deflecting the question.
“Three points!” Kendal shouted.
Travis laughed.
“Daddy! Can we go to the park?”
“You want to go to the park,”
“Alright, go put some shoes on,” Travis said.
Kendal ran off into his room.
Travis walked over to Danny, who was still on the floor, “What are you doing?”
“Hmm, nice.” Travis said.
“Yeah,” Danny said getting up off the floor.
Travis shook his head.
“So how was the movie?” Danny asked.
“What movie?” Travis asked.


Drew walked into the apartment, seeing Hunter watching TV on the couch.
“You drove me car?” was the first thing out of Hunter’s mouth.
“Yep,” was Drew’s reply.
Hunter nodded, “Good for you. You put gas in it?”
“Nope,” Drew says putting the keys down on the counter.
“Someone’s rebellious,” Hunter says, “but seriously, the car needs gas.”
Drew laughs “yeah I know. I’ll take care of it,” he says sitting down next to Hunter.
“Why’d you take the car?” Hunter asks.
“You ask too many questions,” Drew says.
Hunter shrugged.
“What happened to Courtney?” Drew asked.
“Nothing, I talked to her, but you know how she is,” Hunter says.
“You need to break up with her,” Drew says, changing the channel.
“You’ve seen her.”
Drew shook his head, “it’s not worth it.”
Hunter sighs, “probably not, but you’ve seen her!”
“Nice rack, nice ass,” Drew says.
“I thought you didn’t like girls,” Hunter says.
“I don’t,” Drew says, “I’ve got my eye on someone else anyways.”
“Oh yeah?” Hunter asks.” I did see you doing the walk of shame last week.”
“Walk of shame?” Drew questions, “stride of pride.”
“That’s what I’m talking about,” Hunter smiled.
“Okay, stop talking about it,” Drew said.
“So you seeing him again? Or was it like a one night deal?”
Drew shrugged, “I saw him today.”
“Nice,” Hunter said, “You hit that?”
“Don’t go there,” Drew said.
Hunter looked at his brother, “You like him!”
Drew smiled, running his fingers though his hair, “I don’t even know him.”

*A few weeks later*

Travis and Drew are content with their relationship. They see each other a few times each week, even if it’s not for a long amount of time. They’re happy to spend any amount of time with each other. They have fun when they’re together, whether they’re out on the town, or staying in together, there is never a complaint.
Travis is on the rug, playing with Kendal, tickling his son occasionally. Travis didn’t hear Danny come in, over Kendal’s laughter. Kendal scurried off to his bedroom, getting away from his father.
“Holy mother!” Travis gasped, “What are you doing?”
Danny chuckled.
“You freaked me out,” Travis said, “ I hope you know that.”
Danny laughed, “Sure.”
“Why are you here?” Travis asked.
“I can’t talk to my best friend?”
“You know how to pick up a phone,” Travis said.
“Fine I’ll go,” Danny said.
Travis rolled his eyes, “What’s up?”
Danny sits on the couch, “I broke up with Mary,” he says.
“Oh,” Travis says, “Why? I liked her, she’s cute.”
Danny shook his head, “She’s bad at sex.”
“Oh,” Travis said nonchalantly.
“Yeah,” Danny sighs, “But I met this guy, he’s totally hot.”
“Is he good at sex?” Travis asked.
“Amazing,” Danny says, “It’s your boyfriend.”
“He’s not my boyfriend,’ Travis said, “And don’t go there.”
Danny sighed, “Alright,” he said, “but I did meet a guy, who is hot.”
“Tell me about Mr. Hottie,” Travis said.
“He’s tall, and sexy, and has the best head of hair,” Danny says.
“Oh, tell me about his hair,” Travis said.
“It’s gorgeous,” Danny said, “light brown, long, mostly straight.”
“Sounds hot,” Travis said, “Go hook up with him.”
“I did,” Danny said, “how else would I know how awesome he is in bed?!”
Travis laughs, “Point taken,” he says, “Well if you like him, you should go out with him.”
“I was going to call him and tell him to come over,” Danny said, “Then Melissa called.”
“Melissa?” Travis questioned, “Melissa from last year?”
“Hot blonde Melissa?”
“She’s a brunette now,” Danny said.
“And how do you know this?”
Danny chewed on his lower lip, “she came over.”
“Tell me you didn’t have sex with her,” Travis said.
“You’re forgetting, she’s hot and good at sex,” Danny insisted.
“Then why’d you break up with her in the first place?”
“She’s a stripper,” Danny said.
“Oh yeah,” Travis recalled, “A bad stripper.”
Danny scoffed, “Yeah.”
“So what are you doing to do?” Travis asked.
“I’m going to marry Matt,” Danny said.
“Getting a little ahead of yourself, don’t you think?”
“Well he’s hot, not stupid, and good at sex,”Danny said, “What more do I want?”
“I’ll let you figure that out,” Travis said, “but if you’re going to marry him, then I have to meet him first.”
Danny laughed.
“I can’t just let you marry anyone,” Travis said.
“Good looking out,” Danny said.
“Yeah,” Travis said, “Now go home.”
Danny smiled, “I’ll see you.”
“Bye Danny.”

Travis is a nervous wreck, he’s bringing Drew home to meet Kendal, and Danny, but Danny doesn’t really count. Travis is so nervous he can’t even unlock the door.
“Do you need some help with that?” Drew offered.
“I-uh,” Travis said wiping his hands on his jeans.
Drew smiled, “let me get that,” He said fitting the key inside the lock, turning it.
“Thanks,” Travis said, stepping inside the apartment, Drew following close behind.
Travis looks over to the couch, seeing Danny asleep, feet on the coffee table, Travis grabs and orange, quickly throwing it at Danny.
“Ouch!” Danny says loudly.
Travis looks at Drew, “Danny isn’t the best baby sitter.”
Drew laughs.
“Dude!” Danny says, “You just chucked an orange at me.”
Travis clears his throat quite audibly, “Where’s Kendal?”
“I don’t know,” Danny mumbles, picking up the orange in his lap.
Travis sent Danny a look.
“I mean, he’s playing in his room,” Danny said quickly, hoping he doesn’t get hit.
“Kendal!” Danny calls running off down the hallway to find the three year old.
Travis looks at Drew, “He doesn’t always analyze the situation,” He says.
Drew laughs, “Probably just needs a little more motivation. Or coffee.”
Travis laughs, “We don’t let Danny have coffee, you’ll see why one day, hopefully that’s not tonight.”
Drew laughs.
Danny walks down the hallway, holding Kendal’s hand.
“Daddy!” Kendal screams letting go of Danny’s hand, running to see his father.
“Hi, baby boy,” Travis smiled, picking up Kendal, “What are you up to?”
“I was coloring,” Kendal said.
Travis smiled, “I want you to meet somebody.”
Kendal looked at Travis, then over to the other person, Travis set Kendal down, “This is Drew.”
“Hi Drew,” Kendal said, attaching himself to Drew’s leg.
Drew smiled, “Hi Kendal.”
Kendal looked up, “My daddy says you’re going to be my best friend.”
“He does?”
Kendal nodded, “Will you be my best friend?”
“Of course I will,” Drew said smiling.
Kendal put his arms up, and Drew took the hint, picking up the toddler.
Travis watched with amazement, as Drew interacted with Kendal, Travis smiled.

Half an hour later Kendal has Drew in his room, showing him his legos and his trucks; and Travis is just more than amazed at how well tonight went.
“Dude, I seriously can’t believe you threw an orange at me,” Danny said.
Travis glared at Danny, “I can’t believe you were asleep when you were supposed to be watching Kendal, and on top of that you had your feet on my coffee table.”
Danny ran his fingers though his hair, looking away slightly, “Yeah sorry about that.”
“Well,” Travis sighed.
“Hey, man, Drew is awesome,” Danny said, “He’s smoking, and he’s so great with Kendal.”
“I know,” Travis groaned, “He’s perfect. I’m just waiting for him to screw up.”
Danny looked at Travis, “Hey.”
Travis sighed, “I know. Can we just talk about it later?”
“Yeah, sure,” Danny nodded.

The next second Kendal and Drew were walking down the small hallway, and Drew had some sort of smirk on his face.
“What?” Travis asked.
Drew smiled, “Kendal told me that you think I have a cute butt.”
Travis blushed bright red, “Kendal! Where did you hear that?”
“Kendal, never repeat that again. Okay?”
“Oh,” Kendal smiled, “Okay.”
“Kendal, isn’t it your bedtime?” Travis asked.
Kendal nodded.
“Okay then,” Travis said, “Say goodnight Kendal.”
Kendal wrapped his arms around Drew’s leg, “Goodnight Drew.”
Drew ruffled Kendal’s hair, “Goodnight Kendal.”
Kendal scurried across the room, “Goodnight Uncle Danny,” Kendal said hugging Danny’s leg.
“Night kiddo.”
“Bed,” Travis said.
Kendal stalked off to his room.
Travis looked at Drew, “Ten minutes, I promise.”
“Not a problem.”
Travis smiles, making a mental note to kiss Drew on his way back.
“Daddy, are you going to sing?” Kendal asked.
“How about I just play tonight,” Travis said, “And first we need to get you in your pajamas.”
Travis opened the dresser drawer, pulling out a pair of pajamas, turning around to see his son had taken off his clothes, “Okay, a step ahead of me.”
Kendal giggled.
“Here, put these on.”
Kendal put his pajamas on and got into bed.
“Kendal do you want some socks? Travis asked picking up the guitar.
“Hmm, yeah!”
“Okay,” Travis said, getting some socks from the dresser, handing them to Kendal.
Travis said down, and began to play, Travis played for a few minutes, before Kendal interrupted.
“Daddy,” Kendal says sleepily.
“Yeah?” Travis asks softly, playing every other note.
“Uncle Danny said,”
Travis stops playing, “What did Danny say?”
“He said that you like Drew,” Kendal said rubbing at his eyes.
Travis made a mental note to hit Danny. Travis sighed, “Yes. I do like him,” Travis said, “and I will explain this to you another day, but right now it’s time for you to go to bed.”
“Goodnight Daddy,” Kendal mumbled.
Travis pressed a kiss to Kendal’s forehead, “Night Kendal.”

Travis walks into the living room, seeing Drew and Danny in the kitchen.
“What’s this?” Travis asked walking into the kitchen.
“It’s just wine,” Drew said, “Want some?”
“Can I just have a sip of yours?”
“Of course,” Drew said, handing Travis his glass.
Travis took a sip, handing the glass back to Drew, “Yeah, I’d rather have a beer.”
Drew laughed.
Travis smiled, pressing a kiss to Drew’s lips.
Travis had almost forgotten Danny was sitting at the table.
“What’s your problem?” Travis asked.
“Taking care of Kendal is hard work, and when I take a nap you throw fruit at me,” Danny said.
“There are no naps when you’re taking care of a three year old.”
“He’s almost four,” Danny insisted.
“My point exactly.”
Danny shrugged, realizing Travis is right.
“Oh and,” Travis smacked Danny on his head.
“OW! Okay that was uncalled for!”
“That was for what you said today.”
Danny thinks for a moment, and then thinks again. Danny sighs, thinking again, “Is this about the pants thing?”
“Nothing,” Danny said quickly, “Why’d you hit me?”
“Look at me,” Travis said, “Now look at him.”
Danny did as he was told.
“Now look at me again, and think about what you said to Kendal.”
Danny hated thinking games, “OH!”
Travis waited.
“Oh, did he say?”
Travis nodded, “Yep.”
“Sorry,” Danny apologized, “At the time it seemed okay.”
“He’s three!”
“I’m sorry,” Danny apologized, “I really have to work on the whole keeping my mouth shut thing.”
“Please do that,” Travis said.
“Sorry,” Danny said, getting up, pressing a kiss to Travis’ hair, “I’m going home, I’m sleepy.”
“It’s eight,” Travis said.
“I’ve been with your son all day!”
“Go home,” Travis rolled his eyes.

“Stop drinking,” Travis said, lightly hitting Drew.
“I only had one glass,” Drew insists.
“That’s enough,” Travis says, “You’re driving.”
“I can’t stay?”
“No,” Travis said, “You can’t stay.”
“Well can I stay late?”
“How late?” Travis asked.
“It’s only nine,” Drew said.
“Don’t you have a curfew?”
Drew scoffed, “I’m insulted.”
“Not what I meant,” Travis said, “But seriously.”
“Hunter probably isn’t even home,” Drew said, “So no.”
“How late?” Travis asked climbing into Drew’s lap.
“At lease midnight,” Drew said kissing Travis, on the lips.
“Alright,” Travis said, kissing Drew.

Travis and Drew have moved their little cuddle fest to Travis’ bedroom, where they are currently making out, Drew’s hand on Travis’ belt buckle.
Travis pulls away, “No.”
Travis shakes his head, “No.”
“Why not?”
“Is asleep, down the hall, in another room,” Drew insisted.
“Not the point,” Travis said.
“Travis,” Drew sighed.
“Control yourself,” Travis said.
“I can’t, when you’re making out with me like that,” Drew said.
Travis blushed.
“C’mon Travis,” Drew said softly, “I just can’t seem to get enough of your hot little ass.”
“Stop,” Travis says unconvincingly.
“I make you hot?”
“Yeah,” Travis admitted, “So hot, too hot.”
Drew pressed his lips to Travis’ neck, “Let me get you off.”
“No,” Travis said, “Stop saying that.”
“You make me want to say things like that,” Drew said.
“If you stop, I’ll take my shirt off,” Travis says.
“If you take your shirt off, I’ll be forced to make out with you again,” Drew said.
“Well in that case,” Travis said, pushing up the hem on his shirt, showing the skin at his hips.
“Tease,” Drew said.
Travis sat up, sitting back on his heels, slowly pulling his shirt off, “it’s not like there is much to see.
Drew ran his fingers over Travis’ chest, “I think my boyfriend’s pasty white skin is sexy.”
Drew was surprised the word even came out of his mouth, “Yeah, Boyfriend,” he smiled.
Travis smiled, “Boyfriend.”
Drew pulls Travis down for a kiss, “Boyfriend.”

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i don't like this story. I LOVE IT!
please continue it. (:


awww thank you!
alright, i'll keep posting :]


i meant to say in my first comment that i thought the guy danny likes was hunter. that would've been so cute.


oh, yeah, no, i decided to keep one of them straight. hahah

I adore this story! :D
please continue it? ^-^

alright, i'll keep writing it, when I get more time i'll update this.
and thank you, your comments mean alot.

this story is so so so good!
dont stop or i might just have a melt down! :)

aw thank you!
I just need time to get back into writing it. I'm working on it though :]

I love this story and really hope that you eventually finish this!

aw thanks hun!
no worries there, I'm in the proces of finishing it now (:

Yay, anything Travis Clark is amazing. And him as a dad, omfg amazing!

hahah, I must agree travis is pretty awesome.
then again, I just love red heads. haha do you love the red heads too?!

Yes! My friend and I have a hot ginger list going. I love red heads. I'm a fake red head but, red heads are the best.

hahah me and my friends have a hot ginger list too! hahah
haha my friend is a fake red head too (:
red heads are awesome, I just love them!

Nate Flynn is a hot ginger. A very hot ginger! SIL is awesome and I love your SIL fics.

YES! hahaha
and he's such a sweeheart, he's one of the sweetest guys I've met.

aw, thank you!!!

I haven't met Nate yet. I met Pat at his brother's show back in January. He's so hilarious! I hope to meet Nate sometime soon.

i met him at a show i went to for my birthday a year ago. and he was so sweet. he was like the nicest person in the entire venue.
I hope you get to meet him!

I hope to meet the rest of them. Eventually. :) Living in the same city as them has its perks.

ah, now i'm jealous. hahaha
I really badly want to live on the east coast, but nope, i'm stuck out here on the west coast, for what seams like the rest of my life. hahaha well two years from now. hahaha

They live in the Midwest. And it kind of sucks here, but I could never leave it here.

i think everyone thinks it sucks where they live, cause i think it sucks so bad living here. hahaha

Probably true. I've lived a few different places but here will always be my home.

i've only lived out in california, so i dont really know any place else. but it doesnt feel like a place that can be called a home, so I'm on a search for a place like that. hahaha super lame I know. hahha

I know how that feels. Minnesota didn't feel like home until I left for Oregon.

i'd like to go to Oregon.
i really want to go to east coast, or like chicago. i think that's where i'd really like to go.

I want to go to Chicago so bad, I live six hours away and have never been.

i think thats where i'm going to go to school. thats where i'm hoping to go to school.

My friend wants to go there when she can.

i want to go to desgin school there. cause i like to think i'm a pretty bad ass desginer. hahaha

hahah, nah, i'm okay.
anywhoo back to serious bussinsess.
the red heads! hahaha (:

Haha yes, we should discuss this over aim or msn. AIM: Unholyjimmyangel MSN: if you have either of them.

i have both.
AIM: xstrawberrylumps
i'm on

i'm currently on MSN (:

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