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Keep the lights down low, to keep the secrets at bay
Title: Keep the lights down low, to keep the secrets at bay [S/A]
Author: xxrandomxbrixx
Paring: Travis/Drew
POV: third
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Travis has a bad dream. Bedroom scene.
Disclaimer: not true. Never happened. I don’t own theses boys they own themselves.
A/N: Thank you to my Beta xrevengeance You rock girlie! written in one night. I actually don’t know where this idea came from, but I’m going with it. For any of you that keep tabs on my writing, and are wondering when I’m going to get back to other things I previously started, well I am working on them, but had to break due to writers block, and I’ll be finishing those other things up rather quickly, and get them posted very soon, I’m sorry you have to deal with my lazyness, but soon I will have them posted, bear with me! I love you all!!!!!!!

Travis woke up in a cold sweat, hands running over his chest, breathing quickly as he reached between his legs, breathing a sigh of relief. Travis laid his head down on Drew’s shoulder, only to be pushed away.
“Travis, get away,” Drew mumbled, pushing away the other boy.
Travis pressed his body closer to Drew’s.
“What are you doing?” Drew mumbled, only slightly irritated.
“I had the worst dream,” Travis says.
“Well go back to sleep,” Drew says turning away from Travis.
“It was horrible!” Travis exclaims.
Drew sighs, realizing Travis isn’t going to let him go back to sleep, “What?”
“I tuned into a girl,” Travis says, “I Had boobs and everything!”
“Well, you don’t have boobs,” Drew says, “So go back to sleep.”
“I had a vagina!”
“Travis,” Drew whined, “Do you know what time it is?”
“It’s two thirty,” Drew says, “Fucking go to sleep.”
“I had a vagina!”
Drew groaned, “You don’t have a vagina. Now go to sleep.”
“I can’t,” Travis insisted.
“Why not?”
“What if I have that dream again,” Travis says.
Drew turns over, looking at Travis through the darkness, pressing a kiss to his lips, “You won’t, I promise.”
“How do you know?”
Drew sighs, “I will do anything to get you to go back to sleep.”
Travis is quite for a second, “We could have sex.”
Drew whined, “Do you have any idea how much energy that requires!”
“I’m tired,” Drew insists, “I can’t.”
Even though Drew can’t see Travis he knows Travis is making puppy dog eyes at him.
“Travis, we had sex like four hours ago,” Drew said.
“That was then, this is now,” Travis said softly.

“Travis,” Drew sighed.
“I’ll ride you,” Travis said, “I’ll do all the hard work,” he said palming at his boyfriend’s crotch.
Drew groaned at the contact.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
Travis is grateful that Drew decides to sleep with no shirt on most nights. It makes things like this easier. Travis tugged on Drew’s pajama pants, pulling them off his hips, tossing them to the other side of the bed. Travis pulls off Drew’s boxers, before riding himself of his own shirt and boxers. Travis pressed his lips to Drew’s kissing him softly, his tongue sliding past Drew’s, lips making soft wet sounds, as Travis’s fumbled through the contents of the nightstand drawer.
Drew ran his fingers over Travis’ sides, tracing small circles on his hips.
Travis bit Drew’s lower lip, as he closed the nightstand drawer.
Drew smacked Travis’ ass.
Travis giggled, “Hey.”
“Hey yourself,” Drew said, “Don’t bite.”
Travis brought his lips down to Drew’s neck, kissing at the delicate skin, before sinking his teeth in, and getting another smack on the ass, which only made Travis bite harder.
Drew smacked Travis’ ass one more time, before Travis finally let go.
Travis loved to bite, Drew hated being bitten, but Travis always bit Drew anyways. He secretly loved it when Drew would hit him, he’s kind of a masochist, and he knew if he bit Drew, he would get hit. Drew doesn’t tolerate biting, he’s told Travis several times, yet he keeps on doing it.
“Stop fucking biting me,” Drew said.
“Sorry baby,” Travis said.

Travis moved down in between Drew’s legs, taking his cock in his hand, stroking quickly.
“Travis,” Drew gasped, “Fuck.”
“Mhmm,” Travis mumbled, “We’ll get to that in a second.”
Travis ran his thumb over the head of Drew’s cock, Drew’s hips lift off the bed slightly.
Travis pressed a kiss to Drew’s hips before releasing his cock from his grasp.
Drew sighed, letting his head fall back against his pillow, hearing the sound of a condom being torn open.
Travis rolled the condom onto Drew’s cock, straddling Drew’s hips as he guides Drew’s cock into his body. Swearing at the penetration.
“Travis,” Drew groaned.
Travis rocked his hips forward, choking back a few moans, as he tries not to sound too much like a whore.
Travis picked his hips up, dropping them quickly, moaning softly.
“Travis,” Drew groaned.
Travis loved hearing Drew say his name, all breathy, Travis moaned loudly, not caring anymore if he sounded like a whore.
Travis picked up his hips, groaning as he slammed down against Drew’s cock.
“Fuck,” Drew moaned, “Travis, yes.”
Travis threw his head back, moaning loudly rocking his hips forward, grinding against Drew’s pelvis.
“Fuck,” and no one knows who said it, probably both of them.
“Shit!” Travis screamed as Drew’s cock hit his prostate, “Fuck Drew,” Travis whined.
Drew groaned, gripping onto Travis’ hips, surly leaving bruises.
Travis picked up his hips dropping them down quickly.

Both boys have been reduced to breathy moans and curse words; every other word is a curse.
“Fuck,” Travis screamed as Drew’s cock hit his prostate, “Drew!”
Travis rocked his hips shallowly, focusing on Drew’s cock hitting his prostate. Travis groaned loudly, grinding his hips harder.
“Travis,” Drew moaned, “Shit.”
Travis picked up his hips dropping them down hard, moaning loudly, “I’m so close,” He breathed.
Drew thrust his hips slightly, earning a small shriek from Travis.
“Fuck Travis,” Drew groaned, thrusting his hips forward.
“Yeah,” Travis moaned, “Yeah, fuck,” Travis moaned throwing his head back in ecstasy.
Drew groaned, thrusting his hips forward, gripping onto Travis’ hips.
“Drew,” Travis moaned, “Fuck, yeah,” Travis whimpered, grinding his hips down as Drew thrust his hips forward.
Travis moaned loudly running his fingers through his hair, moving it out of his face as he continued to grind his hips down harder.
“Fuck,” Travis moaned shakily.
Drew knew Travis was close, he thrust his hips forward, hitting Travis’ prostate with each thrust.
Travis wrapped his fingers around his cock, whilst grinding his hips down.
Drew’s breath began to hitch, as his orgasm rise.
“Drew,” Travis moaned loudly as he came, spilling over his hand, grinding his hips down hard.
“Shit Travis,” Drew moaned as he came spilling over into the condom.

Both boys breathing fast as they came down from their post orgasm high. Travis wiped his hand on the bedspread, before removing himself from Drew’s cock, for Drew to pull off the condom, and toss it into the waste bin beside the bed. Travis collapsed on top of Drew. Drew wrapped his arms around Travis’ body, as they both drifted off to sleep.
Its eleven thirty and Drew wakes up with Travis still lying on top of him. Travis mumbles as Drew shifts below him.
“Hey,” Travis mumbled sleepily.
“Hey,” Drew said softly, kissing Travis’ hair.
Travis sighed, too tired to move, he pressed a kiss to Drew’s chest.
“Any more bad dreams?”
Travis shook his head, “No.” Travis lifted his head slightly, looking at Drew, before pressing a kiss to his lips.

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I just told you what I thought on msn but ahhz this is amazing!!! :D

haha you did :]
again, Thank you so much!

I love how it's like "Dewd. I HAD A BAD DREAM. LET'S HAVE SEX."

xDDD And eeee, I can totally picture Travis being a masochist. :D

hahaha that's what I was going for ;D

hahaha, so can I in a twisted sort of way. haahah

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