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Like Shadows in a faded light
Title: Like Shadows in a faded light
Author: xxrandomxbrixx
Paring: Hunter/Danny
POV: 3rd
Rating: NC-17
Summary: when the electricty goes out, two boys find a way to have a very romantic evening.
Disclaimer: not true. never happened. This is all one great big lie. the title is from a Taylor Swift song.
A/N: this is all dedicated to my baby sister Laura

Danny is walking around his house, feeling around all the countertops, and searching through drawers, sighing heavily, when he can’t find what he’s looking for. He moves into the kitchen of his apartment, searching through drawers, until he finally finds a book of matches.
“Shit,” he curses, as he burs his finger, trying to light the match. Danny walks around his darkened apartment, lighting the candle in the hallway, before blowing out the match, leaving it on the countertop in the hallway, taking the candle into his bedroom, setting it on the nightstand, when he hears his phone vibrating against something. He moves across the room, searching for his phone, he finds it on the floor, next to his bed; he looks at the caller ID before answering the phone.
“Hey Hunter,” Danny says.
“Hey,” Hunter says, “Are you alright?”
“I’m fine,” Danny says, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” he says, “What’s up?”
“Nothing really, lost electricity,” Danny says, “You know.”
“Yeah,” Hunter says, “So you’re okay?”
“you worry too much,” Danny says, “I’m fine, I burned myself trying to light a match, but I’m fine, it’s dark, so what?”
“I love you, okay?”
Danny sighs, “Hunter stop worrying so much about me, I know you love me, I love you too baby.”
“Okay,” Hunter says, “I’ll stop worrying.”
“Okay,” Danny says, “I’m going to go.”
“Oh,” Hunter says, “yeah, okay.”
“What is it?” Danny asks.
“N-nothing,” Hunter says.
“What is it babe?”
“No, um I mean, no, I just,”
“Honey, just tell me,” Danny says.
“Um, I just, could I maybe, like come over?”
Danny smiles, “You’re too cute,” he says, “Of course you can come over,” Danny says.
“Okay,” Hunter says, “I’ll be there in five minutes.”
“Okay,” Danny says, “I’ll see you in a few.”
“I love you,” hunter says.
“I love you too,” Danny says, before hanging up, and leaving his phone on the bed

Danny lights another candle, bringing it into his room, wishing the black out could have happened during the day, when no one really uses electricity anyways, or it is at least light outside.

Danny walks around his apartment, really wishing he had a flashlight, so that he didn’t have to keep carrying the candle around. He is in the kitchen, wishing that he could make food, but that is somewhat impossible without electricity.
“Damnit,” Danny says aloud. He sighs, figuring that he could just make food later. Then there is a knock at the door, Danny goes to answer the door.
“Hey,” Hunter says kissing Danny.
“Hey,” Danny says.
“Hey you smell awesome,” Hunter says, pulling Danny closer to him.
Danny blushes slightly, closing the door, “Thanks.”
Hunter smiles.
“Hey, so my room? Since I don’t have any more candles to light.”
“Cool,” Hunter says, walking towards Danny’s bedroom, leaving Danny behind.
Danny laughs to himself, before following behind Hunter, setting the candle down on the nightstand.
“I went to the mall today,” Hunter says, picking up Danny’s phone off the bed.
“Really?” Danny asks, taking his phone back from Hunter.
Hunter glares slightly at his boyfriend, “Yeah, I was at the mall, and I saw this really awesome pair of pants.”
“Really?” Danny asks, sitting down on the other side of the bed, setting his phone down on the nightstand, “Did you buy them?”
“I did,” Hunter says, “And I think they look pretty awesome.”
“I’m sure they do honey,” Danny says, “Almost anything looks good on you.”
Hunter smiles, “I missed you today.”
“I missed you too,” Danny says, letting Hunter kiss him.
Hunter takes Danny’s hand, putting their hands together, before lacing their fingers together.
“Danny,” Hunter says softly.
“You love me right?”
Danny nods.
“I love you too,” Hunter says, “Please say you’ll never leave me.”
“I’ll never leave you,” Danny says, “I love you.”
Hunter kisses Danny, running his fingers through Danny’s hair.

Hunter is on top of Danny; their lips are moving slowly, as they kiss. Danny shifts underneath Hunter, wrapping his arms around Hunter’s neck deepening the kiss.
Danny and Hunter make out, for a while. They can never seam to be in a room together for too long, without making out, it’s just what they do, and they’re pretty damn good at it. Sure, they’ve done more than making out. They’ve fooled around a bit. They’ve gotten each other off on countless occasions. They’ve only ever gone further than that once, just once they had sex. It’s not really about the sex or anything else for them. Just the fact that they love each other so much, and don’t want to be apart from each other, is enough.

“I love you,” Danny says, kissing Hunter on the lips, pressing his body down against the bed.
Hunter kisses Danny, pulling Danny’s body close to his own.
“Should we?” Hunter asks.
“Only if you want to,” Danny says, “We don’t have to.”
“Do you have like, a condom?”
Danny nods, reaching for the nightstand drawer, pulling out a condom.
“Okay,” Hunter says. Danny sits back on his heels, tugging slightly on Hunter’s shirt. Hunter pushes himself up, sitting on the bed, pulling his shirt off, watching as Danny does the same. Hunter watches as Danny unbuttons his pants, pushing them off his hips, pulling them off, letting them fall to the floor. Hunter undoes his belt, unbuttoning his pants, pushing them off his hips, tossing them to the floor.
Both boys move closer, pressing their lips together, lips moving slowly against each other. Danny runs his fingers through Hunter’s hair, their bodies slowly moving closer together, as they kiss slowly.

Everything with them is slow, never fast, if you go too fast you might miss something, and when they’re together they don’t want to miss a thing, they take everything slow, just cherish the time that they have together, wanting every second they have together to last a lifetime.

Hunter looks at Danny, “I love you.”
Danny presses another kiss to Hunter’s lips, pushing him down onto the bed, “I love you too.”
Danny reaches for the nightstand drawer, not realizing it was actually further away than he’d expected.
“Shit,” he curses, as he loses his balance, and falls off the bed.
“Oh my god, are you okay?” Hunter asks immediately.
Danny laughs at his own stupidity, “I’m fine, might have a bruise, but I’m fine,” he insists.
“Are you sure?”
“I’m okay,” Danny says again, getting up off the floor, pulling open the nightstand drawer, retrieving a bottle of lube, before moving back to the bed with Hunter.
Hunter sighs softly, “Just be gentle, okay?”
“Anything,” Danny says, pressing a kiss to Hunter’s lips.
Hunter pulls his underwear off, letting them fall to the floor. Danny too takes off his underwear, tossing them onto the floor.

They’re naked, it’s awkward, they’re nervous, but it’s all okay, because they’re with each other, there is no one in the entire world Hunter would rather do this with, than Danny; and no one Danny would rather do this with than Hunter. Danny loves Hunter. Hunter loves Danny.

Hunter lets Danny push him down onto the bed, pressing their lips together, kissing him softly. Danny runs his fingers over Hunter’s inner thigh, tracing invisible circles. Hunter spreads his legs slightly, wondering if this is okay. When Danny slicks two of his fingers with lube, and looks at Hunter, he’s pretty sure that this is okay. Hunter opens his legs, letting Danny press two fingers to his entrance. Hunter sighs, as Danny pushes his fingers in. Danny moves slowly, so that he doesn’t hurt Hunter, he thrusts his fingers in, curling his fingers into Hunter’s prostate, causing Hunter to moan, pushing back against Danny’s hand. Danny thrusts his fingers in a few more times, before curling his fingers into Hunter’s prostate again, enticing a long soft moan from the other boy.
“god Danny,” Hunter says, “I love you.”
Danny curls his fingers into Hunter’s prostate again, “I love you too,” he says before adding another finger.
Hunter moans softly, as Danny thrusts his fingers inside of him, curling them into his prostate.
“Danny,” Hunter moans, “Danny.”
Danny leans down kissing Hunter on the lips, sucking gently on Hunter’s bottom lip.
“Oh god, Danny,” Hunter moans arching his back, “Danny, I need you now, please.”
Danny pulls his fingers out, leaving Hunter feeling surprisingly empty; he wipes his hand on the bedspread, before tearing open the condom, tossing the wrapper onto the floor, rolling the condom onto himself.

“I love you Hunter,” Danny says softly, pushing Hunter’s thighs apart.
Hunter moans as Danny pushes into him, feeling so over stimulated, “Danny, wait.”
Danny waits, watching Hunter in the candle light, which seams to be fading slightly, Danny reaches for Hunter’s hand, interlocking their fingers together, squeezing Hunter’s hand just slightly.
“I love you Danny,” Hunter says, squeezing Danny’s hand back.
Danny takes that as his signal that it’s okay to continue. Danny, thrust into Hunter, slowly, watching the other boys breathing. He can see Hunter’s breath hitch, as he continued to thrust slowly into him.
Danny groaned, thrusting into Hunter, at the slow steady pace, because he knows Hunter doesn’t like it too fast.
“Danny,” Hunter moans, “oh Danny.”
Danny thrusts his hips slowly, making sure to hit Hunter’s prostate with each thrust, causing Hunter to writhe and moan beneath him.
Danny groans, giving Hunter’s hand a squeeze, thrusting into his boyfriend.
“Danny,” Hunter moans, “I love you Danny.”
“Love you too Hunter,” Danny moans, grinding against his boyfriend.
Hunter moans loudly, filling the almost silent room.
“god Hunter,” Danny groans, thrusting, shallowly into Hunter.
Danny could tell Hunter was getting close to his orgasm, by the way his breath started to speed up, he’s almost panting.
“Danny,” Hunter moaned, “Danny, Danny,” Hunter squeezes Danny’s hand tight, as he grids his hips against Danny’s.
Danny thrusts into Hunter, hitting his prostate, with each shallow thrust, Danny slips a hand between their bodies, wrapping it around Hunter’s cock, stroking slowly, as to almost match his slow, shallow thrusts.
“Ah,” Hunter moans loudly, “Danny, Danny.”
Danny hits Hunter’s prostate again, feeling Hunter’s muscles tighten around his cock, pulls Danny to his own orgasm. Hunter moaning Danny’s name loudly, as he comes, in hot spurts spilling over Danny’s hand. Danny coming undone, spilling over into the condom. Both boys rocking against each other, as they ride out their orgasms.
“god Danny, I love you,” Hunter says.
“I love you too,” Danny says, collapsing on top of Hunter.
They stay like this for a few minutes while they catch their breath. Danny kisses Hunter, before he goes to pull out. Danny pulls off the condom, tying it off before tossing it into the waste bin, beside the bed, luckily there is still enough candle light to just barely see. Danny pulls some tissue from the tissue box on the nightstand, handing it to Hunter. Hunter takes the tissue, using it to wipe off any remnants of their previous activities. Danny takes the tissues from Hunter, tossing them into the waste bin.
“I love you Hunter,” Danny says looking at his boyfriend.
“I love you too,’ Hunter says.
Hunter and Danny have accepted that the electricity is not going to be coming back on tonight, so after some much needed cuddling, they get dressed, and go out for a late dinner. They go out to this restaurant, where Hunter orders for both of them, Danny pays, and they go out for an ice cream dessert.
“You’re beautiful,” Danny says to Hunter as they walk in the dark, back to Danny’s apartment, the lights are still off when they get back around midnight, but there is still enough candle light for them to make out a little, before blowing out the candles, and going to bed.
Hunter wraps his arms around Danny, holding him tight, as they drift off to sleep.

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why cant my power go out with a cute boy like hunter?!?!?
i liked this alot :)

hahaha. I really wanted to write it based off of the whole candle light thing. hahah this is just what I came up with from that. hahaha
thanks hun! (:

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