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Crazy like fruit loops
Title: crazy like fruit loops
Author: xxrandomxbrixx
Paring: Danny Duncan/Ian Crawford (We the kings/the Cab)
Rating: PG-13
POV: third
Summary: a secret relationship…
Disclaimer: Not true, never happened.
A/N: continuing my we the kings/The cab fic series :]
special thank you to my lovely beta xrevengeance

I.I've fallen for you and you'll never know
II.Falling harder isn't even a possiblity

Danny sat at the table, bowl of cheerios in front of him, cell phone in hand typing away at the keypad. Danny sat his phone down on the table, sticking a spoonful of cheerios into his mouth. He ate a few more spoonfuls of his cereal before picking up his phone, and typing a response to his new text message.
Drew looks up from his book, “You’ve been sitting there eating that same bowl of cereal for an hour,” Drew said.
Danny looked past his phone, seeing Drew reading a book, “And you’ve been reading that book for over two,” Danny shot back.
“It’s a book, it keeps your brain from turning into mush,” Drew said, “But then again I wouldn’t expect you to know what a book is.”
Danny snarled at Drew, “Go read your book smart ass.”
“At least I’m smart, Ass.”
Danny stuck his spoon into his mouth, glaring at Drew.

So it took Danny two hours to finish his breakfast, but he didn’t care, he was having an amazing conversation via text. So he was always on his phone, texting, who everyone else thought was his girlfriend back home, when he was really texting his boyfriend who was never too far away. Danny liked having his secret affair, and being able to go see his boyfriend whenever he wanted.

Travis is standing around the venue, with Singer, when aren’t they together? But Danny can’t deny that they do make a cute couple.
“Hey Danny,” Travis called.
Danny tucked his phone into his pocket, walking over to Travis.
“Hey,” Danny said.
“Dude, do you ever put your phone away?” Singer asked.
Travis and Danny laughed, “Not really,” Danny said.
“Who could you be texting all day and night? Every time I see this kid he’s on his phone,” Singer said.
“Oh, Danny has a girlfriend back home who he’s always texting,” Travis said.
Danny laughed, “I don’t have a girlfriend,” Danny insisted.
Travis looked at Singer, giving him a look, saying Danny was crazy.
Danny laughed, “I’ll see you guys later,” Danny said pulling his phone out of his pocket as he walked away.
Danny smiled at the text message, hitting the reply button, typing a reply.
Come find me Danny sent the message.
I would love to come find you, but I’m a little busy, Marshall is having some sort of hair crisis
aww that’s too bad, I kind of wanted to make out
Make out?
Yeah, my tongue is bored
In about sixty seconds Ian was standing in front of Danny, looking him straight in the face.
“What about Marshall’s hair?” Danny asked seductively.
“Fuck Marshall and his hair,” Ian said, pushing Danny back against the wall.
“Shit,” Danny swore, as Ian held his hand to Danny’s chest keeping him pinned to the wall. Danny had never been more turned on in his life.
“Let’s go,” Ian said, taking his hand off Danny, and walking away. Danny followed right behind Ian. Danny and Ian snuck away from the venue, off to some place secluded.

Ian’s lips pressed against Danny’s, kissing him hard. Ian pressed himself closer to Danny; Danny wrapped his arms around Ian’s neck. Ian ran his tongue across Danny’s bottom lip, wanting access, which Danny granted. Danny ran his hands down Ian’s back, rubbing his hands over his ass. Ian pushed Danny back against the wall, keeping their lips attached. Danny nipped at Ian’s bottom lip.
Ian pulled back, “Ow.”
Danny laughed, pressing another kiss to Ian’s lips.
“Let’s get going,” Ian said, taking Danny’s hand in his as they walked back.
Ian and Danny dropped their hands as they came closer to the venue. Danny looked at Ian, and Ian looked at Danny, both boys smiled.

Danny walked off, in the opposite direction Ian. Danny screamed a little when he accidentally ran into Cash.
“Cash, you scared the shit out of me,” Danny said.
Cash laughed.
“Stop laughing at me,” Danny said, “What are you doing anyways?”
“Nothing,” Cash said, “surprised to see you without your phone.”
Danny rolled his eyes, “Whatever Cash.”
“Seriously, the only other person who I’ve seen on their phone so much is Ian, and even he isn’t on his phone as much as you,” Cash said.
Danny laughed, “It’s my lifeline.”
“Apparently,” Cash rolled his eyes, “How about you and me turn our phones off and go make out.”
Danny laughed, “Yeah Cash, I don’t think so.”
“Oh come on, you know you want this,” Cash said, “you’re girlfriend doesn’t have to know.”
“I don’t have a girlfriend,” Danny said.
“Even better,” Cash said.
“I’m not going to make out with you,” Danny said.
“C’mon,” Cash said.
“Absolutely not,” Danny said, “Bye Cash,” Danny said walking away.

Danny pulled his phone out of his pocket, as he typed a new text to Ian. Danny went back to the bus, sitting on the couch, still texting Ian.
Travis came into the room, sitting next to Ian, pulling out his cell phone, sending a text to Danny.
Danny got a text in the middle of sending a text to Ian, seeing it was from Travis, he turned to Travis, raising his eyebrow questioningly at him. Danny turned back to his phone, looking at his new text from Travis.
sex with socks on or off?
well it’s weird to wear socks when you’re having sex
So how do you like to do it?
oh so you want to talk about sex?
yes. How do you like to do it?
on what?
a lot of things
I see. So you like to change it up?
haha I guess you can say that

Later that night, after the show, Danny sat outside against the back wall of the venue, knees pulled closely to his chest, typing away at his cell phone. Suddenly, someone took his cell phone from him. Ian sat down next to him, scrolling through Danny’s texts.
Danny laughed, “I don’t really see the point of doing that,” he said, “They’re all messages I sent to you, or you sent to me.”
Ian smiled, “I know,” Ian looked at Danny.
Danny laughed looking at Ian.
Their lips met, for a second.
Ian smiled, looking back at Danny’s phone.
“Can I have it back?” Danny asked.
“Nope, I’m not done.”
Danny laughed.
Travis and Drew walked outside, seeing Danny and Ian sitting on the ground.
“Oh my god, Danny without his phone? What is this?” Travis gasped.
Danny laughed, “Only because Ian stole it from me.”
“That doesn’t count,” Drew said.
Danny stuck his tongue out at Drew. Drew flipped him the bird.
Ian handed Danny his phone back.
“Did you guys see Marshall inside?” Ian asked.
“I saw him with Johnson,” Travis said.
“It was like an hour ago,” Travis said.
“Whatever, I’ll just stay here then,” Ian said, leaning his head onto Danny’s shoulder.
“We’re hungry,” Travis said.
Danny laughed, “What do you want me to do about that?”
“Let’s go get food,” Travis said.
“Alright,” Danny said.
“Yay,” Travis said, before running back inside.
“He’s crazy,” Danny said.
“He so is,” Drew said.
“He’s crazy like macaroni,” Ian said.
Drew and Danny looked at Ian.
“What?” Ian asked.
“Well I was just thinking I kind of wanted macaroni,” Ian said innocently.
Danny and Drew laughed.
“You’re crazy,” Danny said.
Ian lifted his head from Danny’s shoulder, looking at Danny, “You’re crazy.”
Danny pushed Ian’s head away.
Ian glared at Danny, “I don’t like you anymore, I’m going to go be with Drew, now.”
Ian got up, and wrapped his arms around Drew’s waist, sticking his tongue out at Danny.
Danny stuck his tongue out at Ian.
Drew rolled his eyes, “What are you guys, five?”
Ian pulled himself away from Drew, faking an appalled look on his face, “You sir, are not very nice.”
Drew smiled, “I try.”
“Let’s go Danny,” Ian said, holding his hand out for Danny, “Let’s leave him, and his smartass-ness.”
Danny took Ian’s hand, Ian and Danny linked arms, before turning to walk away.
Ian looked back at Drew, “Good day.”

Danny lies across the bed, staring at the ceiling, waiting for his phone to ring. Hunter sits on the other bed, turning on the TV. Danny watches the TV upside down, too lazy to move. Hunter had turned on some scary movie that Danny had never heard of before. He watched the movie, and saw no real entertainment purposes to it.
“So wait, she runs into the street and takes off her shirt, because?” Danny asked.
“I guess she wanted the attention of the truck driver,”Hunter said, “How I am supposed to know, nothing in this movie makes sense.”
Danny laughed. “That’s for sure.”

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, pulling it out seeing a text from Ian.
Danny I miss you
I miss you too
I want you, here with me
I need you here with me
I just want to bone you, hard
oh that sounds amazing
you know what’s even more amazing
Ian, darling, I can’t wait until we’re alone, so that I can do many naughty things to you
oh naughty
Mhmmm, now I’m off to bed, goodnight darling
Goodnight cupcake

Danny woke up to sunlight pouring into the room; he pulled the blanket over his head, and curled his body into the mattress.
“I’m going out,” Danny hears Hunter say. He pays no attention to Hunter as he tries to go back to sleep. Danny feels something press against his back, he whined moving away from whatever was touching him.
Danny couldn’t seem to get away from whatever was touching him, no matter how far over he moved.
“Go away,” he groaned putting his pillow over his head.
Danny felt someone kiss the back of his neck. He turned, not opening his eyes, and pressed a kiss to Ian’s lips.
Ian laughed, “What if that wasn’t me you we’re kissing?”
“You’re the only one who’s ever kissed me like that,” Danny said softly.
Ian smiled, kissing Danny again.
“What are you doing in my bed? Danny asked softly.
“I missed you last night,” Ian said running his fingers along Danny’s exposed skin.
Danny whined, “Ian, get away,” Danny pushed Ian away from him.
“I don’t wanna.”
“Ian,” Danny groaned, “You know I hate to be touched when I’m sleeping.”
Ian pressed a kiss to Danny’s cheek.
Danny groaned, “Fine, I’ll lay with you, but I have to pee first, so move.”
Ian laughed, shifting slightly away from Danny. Danny pulled himself out of bed, and stumbled into the bathroom.

Danny walked out of the bathroom, walking over to Ian, and sitting right on his crotch, “I just brushed my teeth, and I want to do some hardcore making out.”
Danny leaned down, pressing his lips to Ian’s, his tongue wanting access, which Ian granted. Danny wrapped his arms around Ian’s body, deepening the kiss. Ian pushed Danny off him, pressing him down into the mattress, taking the dominate position. Ian pressed his lips to Danny’s slipping his tongue inside Danny’s mouth. Danny moaned softly as his and Ian’s tongues slid across the other. Danny pulled Ian closer, his tongue sliding past Ian’s into his mouth. Both boys pulled back, breathing fast. Ian pressed another kiss to Danny’s lips before getting off Danny, dropping down onto the bed.

“You’re mouth is amazing,” Ian said.
“You should see what else I can do with it,” Danny said nonchalantly.
“Oh don’t I know,” Ian teased.
Danny laughed, pushing Ian slightly.
Ian smiled at Danny.
“I’m tired,” Danny said softly.
“How late did you stay up?”
“I don’t know, I stop texting you at like one, so sometime after that,” Danny said.
“You stay up too late,” Ian said.
Danny smiled, “What are you going to do about it?”
“Well,” Ian said, poking Danny’s side.
Danny twitched, “Stop that.”
“No,” Ian smiled, poking Danny again.
Danny squealed, “Stop it.”
Ian laughed at Danny.
“You’re mean,” Danny pouted.
Ian continued to laugh.
“Fine then,” Danny said, “get out of my bed.”
Ian gasped.
“Yeah I said it, get out.”
Ian frowned.
Danny looked at Ian, “Behave yourself,” Danny sighed.
Ian pressed a kiss to Danny’s lips.

Danny sat in the lounge, cell phone in hand, getting angry as he read his new text message, he typed quickly at the keypad.
I can’t believe you would say that
you act like it’s not true
it’s completely untrue
okay Danny whatever you say
don’t fucking talk to me like that
I don’t know what you’re talking about
you’re being so immature right now
I’m being immature? You’re the one getting mad at me over nothing
it’s not over nothing
well then what the fuck is it?
I really don’t like when you talk to me like that. And it’s about the fact that what you’re saying is complete lies
lies? Tell me how it’s a lie that you don’t completely trust me
because I do trust you I trust you with everything
oh come on, I don’t even trust you with EVERYTHING
“But I love you,” Danny whispered.
Danny dropped his phone on the couch, getting up, and walking away wiping at his eyes. Danny went outside, feeling the rain as it soaked his shirt as he walked inside the venue.
Travis looked at Danny, soaking wet, “is it raining?”
Danny nodded, sniffling walking past Travis.
“Hey,” Travis said.
Danny stopped walking, but didn’t look at Travis.
“What’s wrong?” Travis asked.
Danny shook his head, “Nothing,” his voice cracked.
Travis walked over to Danny, forcing Danny to look at him, “Tell me what happened.”
Danny wiped at his eyes, “nothing,” he insisted.
“Danny, don’t lie to me,” Travis said.
“I’m fine, I swear,” Danny said, “it’s nothing.”
Travis hated seeing Danny upset like this, he wrapped his arms around his best friend, hugging him tight. Danny hugged Travis back, but he wished it was Ian he was hugging.
Travis pulled back, “You’re soaking wet.”
“It’s raining,” Danny chuckled.
“Ha! You smiled!” Travis said.
Danny smiled, “You’re an idiot.”
“You love me,” Travis smiled.
Danny rolled his eyes, “Yeah.”

Danny sat on the stairs, ignoring the texts from Ian that were filling up his inbox. Right now he didn’t care what Ian had to say, if Ian wanted to talk to him, he’d come find him and apologize to his face.
“Hey man,” Alex says walking toward the stairs.
“Hey Singer,” Danny says.
“Have you seen Travis?” Alex asks.
“Umm not for like two hours,” Danny said.
Singer sighed, sitting down next to Danny on the stairs.
“What are you up to?” Singer asked, “Still texting?”
Danny laughed, “Nah,” he said putting his phone into his pocket.
Singer laughed, “Cool.”
“Hey,” Danny said.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Do you trust Travis?”
“Of course, why do you ask that?”
Danny shook his head, “Like you completely trust him, with everything?”
“Yeah, sometimes I don’t tell him things right away, but I completely trust him, and those are two different things.”
Danny nodded, “Yeah. But you completely trust him with everything in your life?”
“Of course, I don’t see how a relationship can work without trust, on both ends,” Alex said.
“And Travis trusts you?”
“Well it’s not something we’ve actually had a conversation about, but yeah, or at least I think so.”
Danny nodded.
“Why? Do you know something I don’t?”
Danny laughed, “No.”
“There you are,” someone called from atop the stairs.
Singer and Danny looked back at the top of the stairs seeing Travis.
Travis came down the stairs sitting next to Alex, “I couldn’t find you anywhere.”
“Yeah, well I didn’t know where you went either, I thought the smurfs came and took you with them,” Alex said.
“Nope, my hair is too red for the smurfs to give a shit about me,” Travis said.
“Lucky you.”
Travis laughed.
“Hey, I need your help,” Travis said getting up.
“Okay,” Alex said, standing up.
Travis smiled, starting to walk away.
“Wait,” Alex said.
“Do you trust me?”
“Do you trust me? With everything?”
“Yeah,” Travis said, “I mean sometimes I don’t tell you things right away, but that doesn’t mean I don’t trust you.”
Alex smiled, looking back at Danny, giving him a look. Danny nodded understanding what Alex was telling him.
Travis slipped his hand into Alex’s as the two of them walked away.

The next day, Danny sat around a table with Marshall, Johnson, Hunter, and Cash, talking about yesterday’s show. Cash sat across the table, making flirty eyes at Danny. Danny has known Cash for a while, and he still can’t believe how much of a flirt he is. Danny excused himself from the table, walking out into the parking lot, loving the fresh air.
“Hey, have you seen Travis?” Drew asked.
“Last time I saw him, he was curled up with a blanket on the couch,” Danny said.
Drew laughed, “Alright.”
“Hey what are you doing right now?” Drew asked Danny.
“Nothing,” Danny said, “Hanging out.”
Drew looked at Danny, “Hey, I know something’s up with you, and if you want to talk about it, I’m here.”
Danny smiled, “You’re always there to listen.”
“That’s what I do,” Drew smiled, “But seriously if you want to talk seriously, I’m here and I don’t judge.”
“You’re awesome,” Danny said, “but I think I’m going to keep it on the DL for right now.”
“Danny darling, that’s why your hair is so big, it’s full of secrets,” Drew said.
Danny laughed, “You really want me to talk about it don’t you?”
“I just think it would take a lot off your shoulders,” Drew said.
“Well it’s not even something I should be worried about right now, but what if in the future when I’m seeing someone, and they don’t completely trust me?” Danny said.
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m not talking about anything,” Danny said.
“What the fu-oh! Is this about that one that one chick?”
“There are no chicks,” Danny said, “I’m just saying what if.”
Drew gave Danny a look, “Well I would say that whoever we’re not talking about, needs to get over themselves, because you can’t have a relationship without trust.”
“So you’re saying that if I was going out with someone who didn’t trust me,” Danny trailed off.
“You should probably talk to them about why they don’t trust you, and if that gets you nowhere, you should probably start looking for a new relationship,” Drew said.
Danny nodded, “Thanks. Hey I gotta go, I’ll see you later.”
Drew was confused, but waved anyways.

Danny held his cell phone in his hand, staring at the screen, wanting to read his new text message, but he couldn’t bring himself to open it. He was almost mad at himself for not opening the text. He strolled down to the first text, opening it: we need to talk
Danny had about five ‘we need to talk’ texts and another fifteen ‘I’m sorry’ texts. He sighed, he wanted to talk to Ian he really did, but he wasn’t sure if he could handle that right now.


Ian groaned staring at his phone, waiting for Danny to text him back, he was a man obsessed, he wanted to be irritated at Danny, but he couldn’t he was in too deep. He couldn’t believe had said that to Danny really wished he could take it all back.
Ian steeped out into the cool night air, staring into the sky, wondering what city they were in, the stars looked really pretty tonight, they reminded him of that one night he spent with Danny when they laid out under the stars all night, finding the constellations, and wishing on the falling star.
Ian sees Johnson across the parking lot, he starts walking towards him, “Johnson, got a sec?”
“Sure man, what’s up?”
“I have a really big problem,” Ian said.
“What happened?”
“I said some things I shouldn’t have, and some other things got messed up because of it,” Ian said slowly.
“Is this about that guy?” Johnson asked.
“Kind of,” Ian admitted.
“What did you say?”
“I kind of said that I didn’t trust him.”
“You don’t trust him?”
“Well,” Ian didn’t know how to answer Johnson’s question, “It’s complicated.”
“No it’s not, it’s a simple question. If you don’t trust him, they how can you have any kind of relationship?”
“No. what is he to you? A booty call? Do you care about him?”
“Hey don’t fucking talk about him like that. He’s not a booty call, and of course I care about him, really I do, but,”
“But you don’t trust him?” Johnson asked cautiously.
“It’s not even that,” Ian said.
“Then what?”
“Gah! I don’t even know,”
“Think about it,” Johnson said softly.
Ian sighed, “I-I like him, a lot I really do, but I’m afraid that if I completely gave him all of my trust, that I might end up falling hard for him, seriously, I feel like I’m in way over my head with him, but I hate not being with him, I couldn’t imagine not being with him,” Ian said pulling at his hair.
“Hey,” Johnson said, “You need to talk to him, tell him this, I’m not sure he’ll completely be okay with this, but if he cares about you like you care about him, then I’m sure the two of you can work something out.”
Ian felt his phone vibrate in his pocket; he pulled it out seeing a text from Danny, “Yes!” He looked at Johnson, “I gotta go, Thanks man,” Ian said as he walked away.

“Danny,” Ian said softly.
Danny turned around, staring Ian in the face, “Hi.”
“Danny, I need to tell you something,” Ian said.
Danny nodded.
“Danny, I need you to know that I care about you, so much, really I do,” Ian said, “And what I said, was not okay, it should have never been said ever and epically not in the way I said it to you. You don’t deserve to be talked to that way, you deserve so much better, and I’m so sorry that I hurt your feelings. My intentions were never to hurt you in any way. I’m taking complete responsibility for messing this up, for messing us up, Danny. I-I’m in way over my head with you, you make my head spin, and make me dizzy, and I’m in way too deep, but I can’t imagine my life for one second without you.” Ian said watching tears fall from Danny’s eyes.
Danny stared at Ian, he wanted to hug Ian and never let go, but he knew what he had to do.
“Why?” Danny asked.
“Honestly, there isn’t a reason other than my own insecurities.”
“That’s the kind of thing that we should be able to talk about,” Danny said, “But you can’t, so it’s over.”
Ian bit his lip nervously, and nodded, he completely understood where Danny was coming from, and who knows maybe it’s for the best. But Ian can’t stop thinking, how can him and Danny not being together be for the best, that makes no sense to him at all, but he takes what Danny says to heart. Ian took a step toward Danny, closing the space between them, he wrapped his arms around Danny’s small body, pulling him closer, Ian hugged him tight. Ian looked at Danny, pressing his lips to Danny’s kissing him ever so lightly, “I couldn’t Imagine kissing anyone else.”
Danny sighed, he looked at Ian.
Ian wiped away the tears from Danny’s eyes, looking at him.
Danny nodded, and Ian felt he could burst into tears of his own.
“But, you have to know that I am better than this, and I do deserve better,” Danny said.
Ian nodded in agreement.
“And if you ever are away from me for that long ever again, you will be severely punished,” Danny said poking at Ian’s chest.
Ian nodded, with the biggest smile on his face. Danny kissed Ian, he couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Danny walks onto the bus, falling into Drew’s lap, sitting on the book he was reading.
“Hello fat ass,” Drew says looking at Danny.
Danny smiles, “Hi.”
“You’re on my book.”
Danny rolled his eyes.
“So what’s up with you and your not relationship?” Drew asks, “Are things okay?”
“Well, not at first they weren’t, but we worked it out,” Danny says.
“Oh so there is a certain someone who you’re not telling me about,” Drew questioned.
Danny laughed, “Maybe.”
“Remember when you said I could talk to you about anything?”
“Well I kind of want to tell you something, that I haven’t told anyone.”
“I can keep a secret, I promise,” Drew said.
“Well what if I told you that that certain someone I’m not seeing isn’t exactly,” Danny thought for a second, “Female.”
Drew’s eyes widened in shock, “back up. What?”
Danny blushed.
“Are you saying,” Drew tried to pick his words carefully, “That you’re gay?”
Danny nodded.
“Oh my god! Since when?”
“A while,” Danny admitted.
“So that means that this person that you’re not having a relationship with is male?”
“That’s generally what I’m saying.”
“But you can’t say anything to anyone,” Danny says.
Drew nodded.
“So who is this guy that you’re not having a relationship with?”
Danny got off Drew’s lap, “Sex with your socks on or off?”
Danny smirked before leaving the room.
“What does that mean?” Drew called after him.

Danny sat outside, watching the sun go down, when Ian wrapped his arm around
Danny, sitting next to him.
“Hey,” He said, before giving Danny a kiss.
“Hey,” Danny smiled.
“What are you up to?” Danny asked.
“Hmmm, I think I’m going to watch the sunset with my boyfriend,” Ian smiled.
“Oh well isn’t he lucky.”
“Nah, I think I’m the lucky one, I’m sure he could get any guys he wanted.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, but he picked me,” Ian said softly.
“Maybe it’s the way you make him feel like he’s special, like there isn’t anyone else in the world. Or maybe it’s the way you look at him like he’s the only one for you,” Danny said staring off into the distance.
Ian looked at Danny, “You are special, and there isn’t anyone else who I’d rather be with.”

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haha i love cash in this, he's so desperate.
i thought this was really cute, especially the ending. i loved it so much.

hahahah cash is just horny all the time. hahaha
thank you :]
ily juliet

omgshhhhh, I absolutely utterly ADORED this!!

guh, lovelovelovelove
my brain has turned into mush now haha

I'm not really familiar enough with We the Kings to say much on characters but I always like to see people extend the guys outward and pair them with other people. I also thought the cell phone thing was really interesting. considering how much all of these bands are on twitter and fiddling with cameraphones and all that I'm surprised there isn't more of this kind of thing.

That said, you need a beta. Sentence structure was really repetitive to the fact that it was just hard to sink into and some stuff was just unclear.

I asked for more and more I got. *_* Danny is so cuteliekwhoa.

The story was really cute and sweet and...yayworthy!

Ian's a cutie too. *pets Ian*

Iloveyerstories. Write moooooore. *clings to you until you do*

Danny and Ian are kind of adorable :]
hahah Thank you :]
it's not the end of it just yet.

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