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crayon lighting fics
Crayon Lighting Fics

this journal is for friends only.
in this journal i write bandslash, if you dont like it go away.
if you dont like what i write dont bitch to me about it keep your nasty comments to yourself.

however if you would like to gain acess to my bandslash, please leave me a comment, and I will add you.

you will need to be added to view my post, and to give suggestions.
being my friend insures you will get the bandslash before anyone else. I usually dont post it in communities till a few days later, or never if I dont feel like it.
I'm not trying to be a Bitch or anything, but seriously comment if you want to be added to my friend's list, because if you just add me and don't comment, I will not add you back.
so leave me a comment, and join in on the bandslash lovin'!

<33333 Brianna

(Deleted comment)
aw thank you, you so sweet :]

I love your stuff :D
I have read much we the kings slash or metro station slash, but your stuff is amazing and has sparked my curiosity
so you adding me would make my life :D

thanks so much for reading, it really means alot :]

i just added you.
add back :)


Oh! Bandslash, i want to join ;) xD

:) xo.

add? id love to read up on your fics.

i love you. that is why you should add me. :)
is that a good reason or what?! haha
and your slash makes my life. so that's another reason :D

that is a very good reason :D
ohh and i like the second one too :]
which is why I did add you :D

I love you too!
your so sweet :D

add me?
your stories are amazing.<3

Added :D

aww, thank you :] your so sweet :]

add me? :)
i love your wtk stories soooooo much :)

added :D
thank you so much, that means alot :]

add me?

I like your wethekings slash :)


added :]
btw I love your icon :]

ur stories interest me n i never even knew they had a community for wtk i was so happy i found this. now that i've sucked up enough think u can add me? ;) lol j/p i wasn't kidding about the adding part though

add me?
I, as well, would like to read :D

i saw your journal on slashthefate, thought id add u and see if you still write etf fics.. add?

i do stil write etf fics :D
added :D

may I be added? I wanna read your fics!

Add please? I found your story in slashthefate and I'm dying to actually read it. xD BTW love the Bill pics.


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